In Pictures – The Team Eco Etsy Flickr Group

ecoetsy mosaic

Even though Earth Day is every day on our team, it was fun to spot some these photos in our group pool of past and present Earth Day celebrations and activities.   Stop by the Flickr Group to see our other green contributions. 1. Earth Day, 2. great balls of moss, 3. 2010 Climate Rally on […]

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In Pictures – The EcoEtsy Flickr Group

ecoetsy mosaic 04092011

The change of seasons is bringing a change in light as well.  I noticed a sense of softness in the images in our team Flickr pool this week.  Here are but a few of the wonderful photos being shared in our group so be sure to stop by to see more. 1. love hearts eaten […]

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Earth Hour Tonight

A reminder that Earth Hour is being celebrated tonight at 8:30pm local time, all around the world.  Turn off the lights and join in to make a stand on climate change.   From the Earth Hour website: “Earth Hour 2010 became the biggest Earth Hour ever. A record 128 countries and territories joined the global […]

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In Pictures – The EcoEtsy Flickr Group

ecoetsy mosaic 03192011

In light of all the trouble in the world these days, it was hope that I felt coming from the EcoEtsy Flickr Group this week.  Below is a sampling of images from our talented eco-crew that reflect a love of nature and a desire to be kinder to our earth and its inhabitants.   I hope they inspire […]

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In Pictures – The EcoEtsy Flickr Group

ecoetsy mosaic 03052011

Welcome whales and wildflowers?  Kiss me, I’m the most improved irish turtle?  What do you see here?  (You know, besides the fantastic eco-friendliness that is our team? )  These beauties were found in our team Flickr group, please stop by and have a look. 1. 2.23.11 … homemade stickers, 2. Walter – all together now, 3. […]

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In Pictures – The EcoEtsy Team Flickr Group

ecoetsy mosaic 022611

A glimpse into the behind-the-scenes, the ingredients, the process behind some of our EcoEtsy team members, as found in our Flickr group.  We may be known for what we create, but isn’t it interesting to get a glimpse at the people behind the products?  Check out more interesting photos in the Flickr group pool. 1. […]

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In Pictures – The EcoEtsy Flickr Group

ecoetsy mosaic 021911

Winter still has a grip over much of the northern hemisphere but I’m noticing a lightness in the images I’ve found this week in our EcoEtsy Team Flickr group.  Can spring be far behind?   1. thread spool necklace, 2. Untitled, 3. 4 Ocean Sea Shells and Star Fish Up-Cycled Bottle Cap Magnets with Brown Organza […]

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