Enchanted Makeovers – Team EcoEtsy Donation Project

EcoEtsy teamie (and current team captain) Myra Roldan, of HerbanLuxe, has organized yet another team project for the members of EcoEtsy – a mass donation of handmade baby blankets for a non-profit organization called Enchanted Makeovers. According to Myra: “Enchanted Makeovers goes around several states making over family shelters. They have several on-going projects and are always in […]

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The Truth About Plastics

I want to say one word to you. Just one word … Are you listening? …  Plastics … There’s a great future in plastics.     Mr. McGuire in the 1967 film, The Graduate In 1967 no one was all that concerned about the impact that plastics would have on our ecosystem. In 2013 the impact is ever […]

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We Have a Winner…

Two weeks ago we ran a good ol’ fashioned raffle on this DIY post, where you could enter to win the trashion denim wrist cuff that was made in the tutorial. We pulled a name from the hat just 5 minutes ago and the winner is… Jo Lamb! Congratulations! To claim your prize you’ll need to […]

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Minty Mud Toothpaste and Other Homemade Cleaning Concoctions

On a recent evening I tuned in to Netflix to see if there were any good documentaries and I came across Chemerical: Redefining Clean for a New Generation. According to the Netflix synopsis: Blending humor and education, this engaging documentary follows … a typical American family, as they attempt to rid their home of all toxins… […]

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DIY: Trashion Denim Wrist Cuff Bracelet

… and enter to win it! If you are in the habit of repurposing old denim jeans into bags or other useful things, then you may have wondered what to do with the leftover bits of seams (seam-cuts) that you’ve cut from the pant-legs. Seam-cuts can be so distinctive and beautiful and I have a […]

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DIY: Wonderful, Healthful Yogurt (and a Couple of Recipes)

I LOVE yogurt! It was introduced to me when I was an adolescent and I admit that I had a hard time getting used to it – why would I get my calcium and healthy vitamins from a tart tasting dairy product when I could drink chocolate milk? I guess you can say that yogurt […]

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We Have a Winner!

You may recall that about two weeks ago we ran a good ol’ fashioned raffle on the Crafty Tutorial post, where you could enter to win the adorable bag that was made in the tutorial. The raffle was “ol’ fashioned” in the sense that the winner’s name was literally pulled from a hat (I love […]

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Crafty Tutorial – How to Make a Necktie Minibag

Happy Saturday! The necktie hoarder is back with a shiny new tutorial to dispel the winter blahs. And, to make the day even more entertaining, you can enter to win the very bag created in this tutorial! Read through to the end – you’ll get there… This tutorial assumes a basic knowledge of machine sewing […]

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EcoTutorials You Will Love: a DIY Project Top-Five Review

I love to share my own crafting ideas with the world, but when my brain is overloaded (which is often the case these days), I feel the need to reach out to other sources for inspiration.  So, rather than posting a tutorial this week, I decided to post a review of some of my favorites – […]

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