The Ubiquitous Lentil and a Great Winter Recipe

Although the modern vegetarian diet can take advantage of many processed “meat substitutes” with the texture and taste of meat, I find it much more rewarding to utilize earth’s natural bounty of vegetable protein, which is plentiful and diverse. Vegetarian diets in most every culture rely on legumes, particularly lentils, as a mainstay protein source. […]

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{Eco-Tutorial} Get a Jump on Handmade Holiday Gifts – Make a Colorful Padded iPad Sleeve (or Two or Three)

Do you often forget to toss your reusable shopping bags back into the car and then realize, once at the market, that you don’t have a bag to use? Do you then buy another… and another … and another, seemingly ad infinitum? Are you attracted to the most colorful bags on offer? Have you found […]

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{Food and Gardening} Hibiscus: A Little Red Magic

I have always been a huge fan of herbal teas, particularly the sharp tasting “zingers”  that are commercially available. All of these zingers have in common a very special, magical ingredient – hibiscus flower, which grows in many corners of the world, hence its popularity. What is so magical about hibiscus? For a start, the […]

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{Green Living} Keep our National Parks Beautiful – Take Out the Trash

Sandy Hook is a miles-long, ocean-front, National Park in New Jersey that promotes a “carry-in, carry-out”  policy, in an attempt to keep its beaches and parkland clean. It’s a simple enough concept – whatever you bring in to the park, you take out of the park. If you generate trash, take it back out with […]

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{Food and Gardening} Allotment Gardens in London

My husband and I recently made our annual trip to the East End of London to visit family. On one of our daily walks we passed through St. James Park and came across the allotment gardens that have been an East End mainstay for many years and became very popular in war time. An allotment […]

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{Eco Inspiratons} Solar Canopies at Rutgers University

Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey (USA), has embarked on an inspiring green initiative – the installation of  more than 40,000 high efficiency solar panels on canopy structures over two major surface parking areas on the Livingston Campus. This represents one of the largest solar canopy energy systems in the nation.  In conjunction with the existing 1.4 megawatt […]

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{Eco Tutorials} Summer Accessories – Make a Necktie Cuff Bracelet

This tutorial assumes a basic knowledge of hand-sewing and comes with a serious caution – be super careful with the box cutter! Another caution – if you value your fabric-cutting scissor, do not use it to cut plastic – it will dull the blades. When working with neckties (one of my favorite materials to repurpose), […]

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{Food and Gardening} Healthy Eating at A Better World Cafe

There’s a new trend in dining-out across the U.S.: the Community Cafe, where the driving philosophy is a sustainable world where all may eat.  One such eatery in Highland Park, New Jersey, A Better World Cafe (BWC), began serving sumptuous, healthy food in autumn of 2009. Housed in the Quilt Room of the Reformed Church […]

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{Eco Tutorials} Cloth Lunch Bag and Utensil Pouch

If you read last Sunday’s post, you already know that Eco Etsy’s indomitable co-captain, Karen Lee, had quite an adventure on 6 March, giving her presentation on “How to Green Your Business and Save Money” at Martha Stewart’s Dreamer Into Doers event. Nice going Karen – we know you rocked the show! A few of […]

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