Spring Cleaning without toxic chemicals


Here at Eco Etsy, we’re wrapping up our 14 days of crafting tutorials, but if you aren’t quite ready to wave goodbye to the DIY, you’re in luck. Today, in honor of the budding daffodils outside my window, and the new blog format, ECO Monday is going to help you with a little Spring Cleaning. […]

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Make Your Own Bias Tape


Bias tape is simply folded fabric strips cut on the “bias”, which means diagonally to the grain of the fabric. This allows the fabric strips to bend and stretch effortlessly around curved seams and edges, making it a great way to finish garments or other sewing projects. It’s inexpensive to buy, however the color and […]

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Green Living – Tutorial – upcycle old tees into underwear.

Here’s a great tutorial for turning those old teeshirts we all have laying about into something new and fun! First, you need a pair of panties you like, parchment paper, scissors, pins and a stack of old tees: Trace the outline of the panties onto the parchment paper, leaving room for seam allowances. This pair […]

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{Green Living} Staying Healthy Naturally

It’s that time of year again. You know it well, parties and get togethers every weekend, the stress of keeping up with orders, the crowds everywhere. Add the cold, damp weather plus an airplane ride or two and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. While nothing is foolproof, here are a few tips to staying […]

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let's change the debate about politics


Did you know there are actually six major candidates for the US presidency? Yep, six, and I”m willing to bet there”s even one among them that would make you feel good about voting, no matter what your political leanings. (I”d like to apologize in advance to our international readers for this United States centered post, […]

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{Green Living} Trap, Spay, Release

image courtesy themeowmission.org

Kittens are some of the most adorable things on this green earth, right? Well, yes, until you”ve found the third litter of the summer, and there is simply nowhere for the little creatures to go. Shelters are bulging at the seams due to the bad economy, and funding is being cut by local municipalities, leaving […]

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{Green Living} Leave No Trace

As many of my friends ready themselves for this year’s celebration on the Playa, I’m reminded of the 10 Principles behind Burn culture, and the wonderful lessons we can all learn from trying to include these in our every day lives. In case you’ve never read them, here are the 10 principles, as explained on […]

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