news and views – resolutions for the new year?


It’s been quite a year, all across the globe, hasn’t it? Beauty and destruction, births and deaths, political upheaval, social responsibility, breakthroughs in science, medicine and ecology, people across the globe banding together to help each other live better lives. What are your most remarkable moments of this last year? Did you try anything new, […]

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Gifts that keep on Giving

Recycled Sail Stocking by Reiter8

This time of year can often be a little crazy, with people feeling pressured to buy the “right” gift for everyone on their list, the crowded shopping centers, angry traffic, consumerism run amok. It”s enough to make me want to hibernate by a fire with a giant plate of cookies. Buying handmade on Etsy, especially […]

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news and views – Here Comes the Chill

Last week, our temps dropped 40 degrees in one day. Brr! While it did warm back up a bit, it looks like winter is here to stay, so it’s time to get our house ready for winter. If you haven’t gone through your house yet, here’s a handy checklist to help you get started. 1. […]

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news and views – The Wolves of Chernobyl


Chernobyl. The word is enough to terrify little children and environmentalists alike. Visions of nuclear meltdown and the end of the world as we know it are relayed as a cautionary tale over and over when we talk about alternative energy sources. I was reminded of it recently in a discussion on influential moments for […]

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Ethical Banking

it's a wonderful life

I’m going to pick up where I left off a couple weeks ago with the Occupy Wall St posting, add a primer on the shenanigans the major banks have perpetrated, and show some alternatives to the system that has hurt and angered so many people. Please note: these are my views and do not necessarily […]

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{news & views} The American Autumn

screenprint by phoenixcompost

OccupyWallSt. It’s a topic trending around the globe on Twitter – everywhere but the United States, at least. New York Times headlines get quickly changed if the Gray Lady appears to be showing any sympathy for the thousands of people risking arrest, sleeping outdoors in the cold, giving of their time and voice for all […]

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news & views – decision fatigue

eat, sleep, sew patch by phoenixcompost

Earlier this month, a friend linked me to this article on “decision fatigue” in the New York Times. The article is being circulated pretty widely and the gist of it is that the more decisions we are faced with in a day, the more likely we are to hit overload and default to the “easy” […]

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News & Views – Feeding the Homeless

food not bombs feeding the hungry

Depending on where you live, scenes like the one above may or may not be something you’re used to seeing: community groups feeding the hungry or homeless, picking up where government programs can often no longer provide aid to an increasing pool of people in need. To most people, these groups appear to be doing […]

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{News & Views} When walking home becomes a crime


Take note pedestrians, in Austell, GA jaywalking is a more serious crime than driving drunk. In what amounts to a declaration of war on pedestrians, a small town near Atlanta, Georgia has convicted the mother of a child killed while she and others were trying to walk home from the bus of vehicular homicide, while […]

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