{Green Living} Leave No Trace

As many of my friends ready themselves for this year’s celebration on the Playa, I’m reminded of the 10 Principles behind Burn culture, and the wonderful lessons we can all learn from trying to include these in our every day lives. In case you’ve never read them, here are the 10 principles, as explained on [...]

{Green Living} Beating the Heat (and the Cold) with Smart Building


Recently, a facebook friend commented during a 100 degree heat wave that she still hadn”t turned on her air conditioner. As you can imagine, the comments blew up with people shocked at her statement, but I knew her secret. Many houses today are built with huge expanses of glass, complete disregard for the sun”s orientation, [...]

{Green Living} Do you know your way around the Mulberry Bush?

A few days ago, my husband and I picked some 6 pounds of mulberries from one of three trees in our yard. As I was picking, a group of children walked by, one commenting he thought those berries were poisonous. My husband handed him one and told him to try it, and the kid said [...]

Earth Day – Making it Local


On Monday, Myra wrote a lovely post about the origins of Earth Day, including how it “started with one person, who had one idea”. Today, I want to add a little bit more about how one person (or in this case two people) with one idea can make a difference locally. Over this past weekend, [...]

{Eco Inspirations} Mosquitos driving you batty?


Danger is lurking in my garden. Unfortunately, it’s not as cute as the picture. Today I got my first mosquito bite. It’s March. This does not bode well for summer. For those who haven’t followed my personal blog, let me first warn you that I live in the land of giant bugs. Plentiful bugs. Bugs [...]