{Business Tips} Last Minute Holiday Marketing Ideas

Time is quickly running out for the last minute holiday sales.  As shipping time will begin to inhibit gifts arriving in time, here are a few creative techniques to continue holiday sales right up to the last minute. Provide e-Gift Certificates Many shops have gift certificates available this holiday season.  Creating an e-mail version of […]

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{Business Tips} Two Hours to a Holiday Ready Etsy Shop

A couple months ago, Etsy kicked off their annual Holiday Boot Camp aimed at getting shop owners organized and prepared for the holidays.  For those who have been participating in the program, you are set and ready for the quickly approaching Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping days.  For those who consider participating or are […]

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{Business Tips} Inventory Overload?

As 2011 winds to a close, we begin to think about starting 2012 with a clean slate and fresh outlook.  We optimistically envision 2012 to kick off with our business organized, focused and poised for success.  Yet, with a couple months of 2011 remaining, many of us see some of our inventory that we would […]

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{Business Tips} Marketing Strategy – Kick Starting Your 2012 Plan

I know.  It’s October.  You are knee deep in getting your shop ready for the busy holiday season.  You can’t imagine why you would dive into a 2012 plan yet.  However, this is really a great time of year to start collecting information and thinking about changes in your overall strategy for 2012. So, I’ve […]

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{Business Tips} Etsy Photography Tips and Techniques

I find the photography in Etsy shops to be one of the most fascinating elements of branding.  The photos are the key to making an artist’s design “speak” to potential buyers.  Yet, the medium itself is an art form.  There are many sellers on Etsy that specialize in photography and have worked for years to […]

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{Business Tips} Etsy Shop Photography – Finding Your Visual “Voice”

There are many elements in your Etsy shop that establish a unique overall shop personality.  However, few items have as much impact on that personality as your product photography.  Photographs come up in search, inspire inclusion in treasuries, cause shoppers to “click through” to your shop, and ultimately demonstrate to a potential buyer that your […]

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{Business Tips} ETSY SEO: Relevancy Over Recency

Last week, Etsy made a significant change to their search engine which impacts how customers find your shop via search.  The previous default search based on recency was replaced by a default based on relevancy.  For anyone who has spent time (and money) determining the appropriate re-listing strategy for a recency search, this change immediately […]

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{Business Tips} Etsy Love – Hearts, Circles, Teams and Treasuries

Necklace by Sevenply I’ve spent some time lately going back through the great advice provided to some of our team members in the Thoughts on Shops column here on EcoEtsy.  While some of the ideas relate to the shop being reviewed, I’ve enjoyed how the insights can really be leveraged by our entire team.  As […]

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{Business Tips} Advertising on Facebook

After Myra’s awesome Business Tip post last week Business Blogvertising with Project Wonderful, I thought a nice follow-up would be the opportunities that exist with very targeted advertising on Facebook.  Some quick searching around the web and feedback from our own EcoEtsy team members, allowed me to quickly realize that success with Facebook advertising is […]

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