{Food and Gardening} Chemical-Free Weed Control

With my vegetable garden in full swing, weeds are also in full swing.  One of the biggest challenges I face is weeds, lots of them, lots of different kinds.  I find that if I spend just a little extra time controlling these garden interlopers, my crop is healthier and has better yields because the competition […]

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{Food and Gardening} 10 Ways to Conserve Water in the Garden

I love growing my own food!  Not only does it taste better, but I know that it is safe to eat because I know I didn’t put any chemicals in the soil.  Water is a most precious natural resource, necessary to sustain life and necessary to a good yield in the garden.  There seems to […]

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{Green Living} Put Some Sunshine in Your Laundry the Eco-Friendly Way

Laundry – It seems to breed at my house!  It seems that no matter how often I do the wash, the amount of it stays constant.  I like to do the laundry, though.  Especially during the nice weather, because that means I get to spend more time outside in the sunshine, hanging my clothes to […]

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{Food and Gardening} Beeing Nice to Pollinators

What is an organic garden without the sound of bees buzzing around?   It is not only too quiet, but many fruits and vegetables depend on bees to produce fruit.  No bees, no pollination.   There is some troubling research by the US Department of Agriculture.   In 2009, the USDA data showed a 29 […]

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{Food and Gardening} 3 Steps to Great Soil

I love playing in the dirt.  When I was little, I spent my summers building castles and cities in the sandbox on our back porch.  With Spring in the air, I am itching to wake up my garden and play in the dirt once again. As soon as your soil is thawed out enough to […]

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{Food and Gardening} How to Read Seed Catalogs for Gardening Success

Wonderful Day Art Print by littlemoaandfriends Yes, I know it is only the beginning of February.  It’s cold.  The days are short and I’m stuck inside.  But now is the best time to start planning your garden.  I love this time of year because that’s when I start receiving all the seed and gardening catalogs […]

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