StashBuster Potholders

Lorigami,  www.Lorigami.etsy .com has generously given Ecoetsy a tutorial from her blog.  I remember making pot holders in Girl Scouts that were similar to these.  So thanks again to Lorigami.  Here’s her tutorial. Y’all may recall the big Michigan House-clean-out project from last spring after my Uncle passed away? Well, one of the things I […]

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Eco tips from the city

I’m impressed by all you back to the land and off the grid people. But I was raised in a city and that is where I am happiest. I tried living on a farm. It made me very anxious. But I have found it pretty easy to use eco friendly practices here, as do many […]

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{Eco Tips} Tradeaholics

There is one activity on Etsy that I find has saved me a lot of money, and gotten me some exposure that I don’t think I would have had otherwise. I am a member of the Tradeaholics team. I have been to the Ecoetsy traders site, so I know some of you trade as well. […]

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Herb Pasta

Sigh, late again. My excuse is that I had unexpected out of town company come to visit sat am. Here’s one of my spur of the moment pasta dishes that I make for unexpected company when I have fresh herbs in my garden. I like to make it as healthy as possible, so I use […]

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Greening ‘Brown’ Bag Lunches

I have been going gradually greener since the first Earth Day. I was engaged in college to an Environmental Engineering student. I learned from him a lot about pollution and efforts to stop it. I am proud to say that he is an EE at the Calif. air board. We’re friends, but we didn’t get married. […]

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