{Tuesday Treasury} Ode to White by RenewableCrafts

The many beautiful ecoetsy team treasuries this week made it so hard to decide which to feature today. RenewableCrafts created this lovely white collection.  It’s lovely and refreshing~  This set of dishcloths is one of the eco-friendly offerings in her shop. Please take a look at Peace of Pink by inkyspider and Saffron, Bronze, Orange […]

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{Tuesday Treasury} Earthy Expresso by BlueEyedShell

  As expected, there were SO many beautiful team treasuries this week.  I chose Earthy Expresso by BlueEyedShell as the featured collection because of it’s rustic and natural beauty.  This headband is one of the offerings in BlueEyedShell’s lovely shop. For pastel loveliness, check our Vanilla Mint for Mom by WinkyDinks.  Somewhere by BetsyandBess is […]

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{Tuesday Treasury} Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas by Omnatura

  So many pretty team treasuries this week!  I love the diversity of amazing art on this team.  This week’s featured treasury is Ecofriendly Spring Gift Ideas by Omnatura.  This moonstone necklace is is one of her wonderful offerings. For a fabulous bit of color, be sure to view Primary by elsjeboer and   for […]

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{Tuesday Treasury} Blue Skies by Fishlegs

This weeks featured treasury is Blue Skies by Fishlegs. I love the beautiful blue finds.   I’d love for you to also take a look at The Beauty of a Rustic Day by OneLoomStudio and Pretty in Pink by OneShadeGreener. Aren’t they fabulous?! Thank you for all of the amazing team treasuries this week~ Please […]

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{Tuesday Treasury} She Always Dreams of the Circus by MonkeysOnTheRoof

SO many pretty entries this week! My favorite thing about this team is how varied our forms of art are. Recycled is truly lovely here. Beautiful colors and textures made this treasury stand out. My pick for this week is She Always Dreams of the Circus curated by MonkeysOnTheRoof. Isn’t it fun? Two other lovely […]

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Fertilizers Affecting our Water Quality

  Nothing says Spring like the color green appearing everywhere.  The massive use of phosphorus fertilizers is a common Spring ritual and is currently drawing a lot of attention.  Phosphorus use worldwide is affecting our quality of life.  The countdown to Spring correlates with the smell of lawn fertilizers in many places.  Are they helpful, […]

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Recycling In Numbers~

So, what IS the lowdown on recycling paper?  Did you know that: *Recycling a single run of the Sunday New York Times would save 75,000 trees. *If all our newspaper was recycled, we could save about 250,000,000 trees each year! *Each ton (2000 pounds) of recycled paper can save 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil, three […]

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