DIY Organic Compost for Your Garden

*Article and photos on composting contributed by Team EcoEtsy member and Master Gardener Mary Ellen Coumerilh of MaryZoom . The most basic component of a successful organic garden is the soil. Without the proper nutrients in the soil, plants will be small and blooms and yields will be disappointing. One of the best and most sustainable […]

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A Positive Outlook on Ending Hunger


“I was just absolutely swept away. I thought: Oh my gosh! If people only knew that hunger is needless, hunger is human-made, that we would all do something.” — Frances Moore Lappe I was blown away by the simple message spoken by Frances Moore Lappe on the radio yesterday. I was not familiar with her, […]

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GMOs. What is the Scoop?

There is such controversy about this subject. We all hear and read about it in the news on a regular basis.  More people than ever are probably aware of GMOs after the great salmon debate this year.  How are we to know that we are hearing both sides of the story presented in an unbiased […]

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Food Prices May Be on the Rise


The National Inflation Association released its food price projections on Friday. According to their estimates, you could be paying $62 for a 32 ounce bag of sugar, while coffee could likely rise to $77.71 for 11 ounces in the coming decade. The report warns consumers that serious food inflation will be a direct cause of […]

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Beware of Triclosan

washing hands

Who hasn’t used anti bacterial hand soap, dish soap, gel or hand spray?  It’s now in every public restroom, alongside the regular soap, declaring it’s usefulness, even without water.  With flu and cold season here, how’s a person supposed to keep their hands clean without all those chemicals? Recent studies from the U.S. Centers for […]

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