{Eco-Inspirations} A Raw Labor Day

Labor Day is a holiday that holds great meaning for many United Stationers. For those with 9-5 jobs, it’s an extra day off. For others it’s a time to reflect on their roles within the workplace. And yet for most it’s the official summer send off. But no matter how you may be celebrating today […]

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[Eco-Inspiration] San Francisco’s Parklets

San Francisco has started a trend that’s sweeping across the nation! And I’m not talking about trolleys or flowers in your hair. The city has been busy transforming parallel parking spots into pedestrian oases used for lounging, loitering and lolly-gagging. This eclectic seaside city is making the most of its characteristic neighborhoods by installing mini parks into vacant […]

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{Eco-Inspirations} A Conscientious 4th of July

Fourth of July will be awkward this year. With the holiday falling into the middle of the week it will make many a reveler stop to ponder when they should host their festivities. And if the date doesn’t throw you off – the following stats will. According to figures compiled by Andrea Dickson of Wisebread, […]

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{Eco-Inspirations} World Oceans Day

Is there anything more inspiring than standing on the edge of an ocean and marveling at its beauty? Vast, stunning, and mysterious – these massive water pools are the key to life on Earth. Besides directly sustaining so many organisms, our oceans also produce the majority of oxygen on the planet, regulate our climate, and […]

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{Eco-Inspirations} Meat-Free Memorial Day

For vegetarians and vegans, Memorial Day can conjure up deeply repressed meat missing emotions. To help you go meat-free for the holiday check out these inspiring tips for veg-heads and carnivores alike! Firing Up the Grill: Skip the lighter fluid and opt instead for a starter cone or chimney starter. Not only will you protect yourself from […]

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{Eco-Inspirations} Center Yourself

There are days when all of us have run one too many errands, checked an excess of items off our to-do list and pushed ourselves with an overload of household chores. To help inspire you to pause and center yourself, I wanted to share the above quote, which reminds us to stop and indulge in […]

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{Eco Inspirations} Eating Seasonably

We’re well into Spring and the season brings a promise of farmer’s markets and an accompanying bounty of fresh produce. A simple way to eat sustainably is to munch on locally grown goods as well as cook with ingredients that are at their peak. One website makes the latter easier by providing an online tool […]

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{Eco Inspirations} The Unfolding Apartment

Whether across town or the country, Spring is the season for moving. If you happen to be one of thousands changing their abode this month, stop and watch this video about one couple’s quest to live in a way that minimizes their acquisition of things, without compromising their design sensibilities, or lifestyle. Their ultra modern NYC […]

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{Eco-Inspirations} Indoor Adventure at The City Museum

Spring is in the air which immediately puts a bounce to my step and electrifies my senses. With its arrival I also find myself itching for adventure, only to find it’s still too nippy out to plan a camping trip. So what’s an urban green girl to do? If you happen to live in the […]

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