{Eco Inspirations} Eating Seasonably

We’re well into Spring and the season brings a promise of farmer’s markets and an accompanying bounty of fresh produce. A simple way to eat sustainably is to munch on locally grown goods as well as cook with ingredients that are at their peak. One website makes the latter easier by providing an online tool […]

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{Eco Inspirations} The Unfolding Apartment

Whether across town or the country, Spring is the season for moving. If you happen to be one of thousands changing their abode this month, stop and watch this video about one couple’s quest to live in a way that minimizes their acquisition of things, without compromising their design sensibilities, or lifestyle. Their ultra modern NYC […]

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{Eco-Inspirations} Indoor Adventure at The City Museum

Spring is in the air which immediately puts a bounce to my step and electrifies my senses. With its arrival I also find myself itching for adventure, only to find it’s still too nippy out to plan a camping trip. So what’s an urban green girl to do? If you happen to live in the […]

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{Eco-Inspirations} Viral Campaigns that Care

With talk about green energy this and clean power that – it’s easy to get lost in the rhetoric of the new technology movement and fall victim to eye-glazed apathy. But one British wind power company is set to fight this eco-fatigue with it’s latest viral campaign that takes on nuclear power in the U.K.. Realizing […]

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{Eco-Inspirations} Love Outside the Box

Valentine’s Day is just a day away and news reports are all in a frenzy that this year’s holiday is projected to exceed national spending figures from the past decade. From the perspective of both a giver and receiver of v-day goodies – I will be the first to admit that there’s nothing exciting about […]

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