I Tried OrangeTwig.com for 7 days. What Happened Next was Priceless.

At the beginning of the month, I was invited to check out Orangetwig.com. I wasn’t sure what to expect. At first glance I thought OrangeTwig offered a service similar to Indiemade – where you create a site separate from Etsy but linked. This was not the case, OrangeTwig turned out to be something different and […]

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How to Post a New Etsy Shop Update

Hey Peeps! It’s Myra and I’m back with an awesome post on a recent Etsy feature – called Shop Updates.  If you look at your Etsy shop, right in the Shop Info section, you will see Shop Updates.  This is a great way to promote your products and I’m here to help you learn how […]

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Upcycled Tutorial | Mother’s Day GIFT for Mom – Safety Pin Necklaces

  Here are two options for a totally adorable and easy peasy handmade gift for the mom who takes her safety pins (although maybe not her own personal safety) seriously. You will need safety pins, jump rings (you can definitely make this project without jump rings, but it will hang nicer with them) and seed […]

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9 Reasons Gardening Is The Ultimate Mind-Body Workout

April is National Gardening Month, but I live in New Jersey and there is still a risk of frost here (and we are the Garden State, so what the heck?!) so although I am itching to get some plants into the ground, I am being patient. My early pots have to be brought in every […]

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Aquarian Bath: How to Dye Hair Red Naturally with Henna Powder

If you are among the 7 in 10 women now coloring your hair it could be a good idea to think about the chemicals that go into this process. If you use a synthetic dye what is actually happening is you are opening up the hair’s cuticle and the chemicals get inside the hair and […]

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My Favorite Spring Gizmos – Wings, Worms and Wonder

EcoEtsy Member Kelly Johnson of Wings, Worms and Wonder is an artist, author and creative garden guide. Kelly’s passion is helping enthusiastic budding gardeners and journalers grow successful gardens and nature journal routines at home, school, and in the community – one seed at a time! A graduate of Goddard College and the Savannah College […]

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Homesteading in the Winter, Just SURVIVING | Re-Grow Roots

Amazing EcoEtsy member Desiree Fleck of Re-Grow Roots (knitwear and more for the hippie, bohemian and folk at heart) lives in an egalitarian, intentional community called Oran Mor (the great song) where she works and plays with her communal family, husband and adorable son, Kalani in Missouri. Desiree’s inspirational community is focused on self-sufficiency and […]

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Men’s Valentine’s Day DIY Gifts Ideas

Image: Crafting a Green World Valentine’s Day is in two days. Are you planning to have a romantic dinner with your partner? Do you have a gift ready? No? Well, you have two days to get prepared! I know buying gifts is easier but don’t you think making gifts is so much more fun and […]

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Etsy Introduces New Listing Manager

A few days ago I received a message about the new Listing Manager.  It is available to all Etsy shop owners and I thought I would share some of my favorite new features the new Listing Manager offers. Advanced Editing, Filtering and Sorting We now have some additional options.  On the top right there is […]

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