How to Create a Watermark and Add it to Your Etsy Shop Images

Want to add a watermark to your images? Don’t know how to do it yourself? I’ve created a step-by-step tutorial to help you create your watermark and add it to your images with just a few clicks of a button using

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EtsyGifts Promotion Tool

Hey did you hear that Etsy has come up with a new promotion tool for Etsy Sellers? It’s called #EtsyGifts and you can create neat graphics that you can use to promote your Etsy shop. You can access to tool at I created a short video to help you through the process of using […]

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I Used OrangeTwig for 7 days and What Happened Next Was Priceless – Part 2

[CHECKOUT THE VIDEO WALK THROUGH AT THE END OF THIS POST] So in my last post, I shared some really high-level and basic info about  I’ve just completed my Cyber Weekend Sales setup and am pleased with the results.  My Cyber Weekend Sales started with a Black Friday Sale.  I used OrangeTwig to schedule […]

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Pinterest Board That Attracts Your Ideal Customer

If you’ve been on the internet last decade or so, you probably went down the rabbit hole on Pinterest more often than you are willing to admit. (Ahem) Did you know that an Etsy’s product image was THE FIRST pin on Pinterest! Since then, this online visual candy shop of recipes, DIY’s, exocitc locales and […]

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Etsy’s Success Gives Rise to Problems of Credibility and Scale –

If you’ve been following Etsy’s journey to IPO and the recent hot topic about Alicia Shaffer of Three Birds Next, then you have to read this article.  Has Etsy lost it’s soul? What do you think? Read more…     8,168 total views, no views today

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How to Self-Publish a Bestseller: Publishing 3.0 by James Altucher

I think everyone has a story that needs to be shared. Maybe it is our personal piece of our family history – don’t you wish your grandmother had written down her story?! – or maybe it’s our experience and expertise as a business owner that will help position ourselves as an expert. Whatever it is […]

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Some things I’ve learned, part I – Windward Made

EcoEtsy member Inge is the designer, maker and everything-elser behind Windward Made. Combining her passions for sustainability, design and making things by hand, she creates modern fashion accessories and home goods with the most eco-friendly materials she can find. Everything is made using beautiful hemp fabrics, organic cotton thread, non-toxic ink and her own two […]

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35 Indie Craft Fairs Every Etsy Sellers Should Visit

I love craft fairs. My purse doesn’t like it but that’s another story. Besides finding unique handmade crafts to buy, I love talking to the handmakers. I love to chat with them about their story, background, and how are they doing. Many of them have their own brick and mortar shops but majority of them […]

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Interview with EcoEtsy Team Member Kate Rusek by Julie Rawding on her blog – The Upcyclers

This is a great interview about EcoEtsy team member Kate Rusek of Squid Division by fellow team member Julie Rawding on Julie’s wonderful blog The Upcyclers. You will enjoy reading more about Kate’s work with reclaimed materials in NYC. Kate says, “Squid Division is a statement against the disposable world and a belief that the […]

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