Disaster Recovery – When Equipment Fails

You’ve organized all your photos, taken the time to edit, give them unique names and save them in their own folder. You have also taken the time to organize your music, financial records and all those other files you’ve created over the years and then suddenly your computer crashes or dies and your files are […]

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Should you go into business with your best friend?

Sometimes you just can’t do it all by yourself. You have to create your items to sell, advertise, network, social media marketing, accounting, package, ship, and reply to customers’ emails….arrrgh. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a partner to help you with some of these tasks? Or sometimes you need financial support. Or sometimes you […]

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Balancing A Part Time Etsy Shop

A little over a year ago, the EcoEtsy team conducted a survey and found that around half of the team shop owners were running their business as a part time endeavor.  Being one of those part time shop owners, I sometimes find myself so buried in my “day job” and the responsibilities of being a […]

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Optimize Your Shop for Etsy Browse

Last October, Etsy changes the way buyers search for items by introducing “Browse.” Now when buyers visit Etsy to find items they are looking for in a more user-friendly manner – for example, if you are looking for gift ideas for this upcoming Valentine’s day, you can click on Gift Ideas or Valentine and then […]

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Handmade Business 2012 Success Tips

2012 is almost over and most of the online businesses are finished taking orders for the holiday. Holiday season is the busiest time of the year for most retail businesses and while it may be too soon to evaluate what business strategies worked this year, it’s easy to tell what was the most important decision […]

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Home Stretch

This is my last post for 2012, it’s been a great year. Thank you all for reading all my posts and rants. The holiday season is almost over we are in the final home stretch.  I know that most of us are up to our ears in family activities, shop orders and all the other […]

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Take Notes this Busy Holiday Season

The holiday season has everyone running for the finish line.  We are creating last minute products, filling orders, and rushing to get everything done.  In between, we work on preparing for our own holiday traditions. During this busy season, I know I should start thinking about where I want to take my shop and my […]

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6 Tips for Strong Holiday Sales on Etsy

If you followed Myra’s 5 Tips to Get Your Shop Ready for the Holidays Now back in August, you should be ready for the holidays by now. But if you didn’t, that’s ok. It’s not too late to prepare. In addition to what Myra recommended, here are 6 tips on preparing for a strong holiday […]

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Surviving in the Midst of Chaos

People usually think I’m crazy for being a prepper – I’m not an extreme prepper like you see on T.V. – but I believe that there are some essentials one needs to always have on hand. I always have at least two cases of bottled water on hand and even though I don’t own a […]

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