Color Finds: In the Forest

1. Denim and Doily Flower Bag by karenmeyers2. TwIsTeD Nothing Data Wire Bracelets by twistedhandmade3. Moss Comb by Ottoman4. Wood and Resin Necklace by TrilliumArtisans5. Genuine Beachstone and Crystal Earrings by SteppingStones6. Hemp Organic cotton Fat Quarter Set by NoondayTextiles All color finds discovered by doing an tag search for teamecoetsy!

Color Finds: Raspberry Apples

1. Mini Bagelopes from Recycled Paper by Sanguinaria 2. Dandelion Recycled Magnetic Locket Set by Polarity 3. Vintage Enamel Dish Pan from fishlegs 4. Mokume Silver Bud Earrings by JesseDanger 5. Eco Toes for Toddlers by infusion 6. Wrist Cuff Wallet by MaryZoom All items were found by doing an Etsy tag search for teamecoetsy!

Color Finds: Hot in Pink

1. Hot Pink Zebra Earrings by EcoMonster2. Magenta Mohair Locks by colorbombcreations3. Pink Birdy Scarf by TokenEmotion4. Chain Link Key Fob in Fuschia by KnitStorm5. Hoot the Owl Mini Plush by ZAPOLdesigns6. Hand Stitched Wedding Neckties by yinsouciant All color finds found by doing an Etsy tag search for teamecoetsy!

Color Finds: AquaLove

1. Aqua Bauble Bracelet by kellyssima2. Vintage Book from fishlegs3. Lucite – a Painted Roman Record Cuff by EyePopArt4. Abstract Art Recycled Plastic Ring by ArtworkbyKD5. Grocery/Shopping Tote by EarthCadets6. Recycled Whale Stuffed Baby Toy by Denarella

Color Finds: Yello’ there Blue

1. Basic Upcycled Long Purse / Wallet No.10 by NottyPooch2. Life Mantras. lavender bags by lapomme3. Recycled Plastic Bottle Earrings w/Handmade Earwires by ArtworkbyKD4. Revamped vintage handbag – Electric Blue by Vivien Cheng5. Ladybug Earrings by Enthral6. Iron-on Fun…Vintage (or not) Birdies by rikrak All color finds were discovered by doing an tag search [...]