Handmade for Earth Day Auction 2012: Special Surprise Door #3

special no 3 collage

This is our last – but not the least – auction package for Handmade for Earth Day 2012. This collection of practical and yet stylish green accessories are perfect as gifts or you can keep all to yourself! The Lorax Loves Trees upcycled purse from Upcycled Unlimited is  one of a kind, unique purse with tree loving [...]

Handmade for Earth Day Auction 2012: Pampered Mama

pampered mama collage

Isn’t this an awesome collection of Mother’s Day gifts? Win this collection of Eco-Friendly goodies for all the moms you know. Moms work over time and we are always “On Call”. Pamper them and maybe you can pamper yourself a little too! E-mail this page to your kids or your husband. Let them see all the [...]

Handmade for Earth Day Auction 2012: Special Surprise Door #2

special surprise collage

Aloha! This Special Surprise Door #2 comes all the way from paradise called Hawaii! I’ve always admired the chemical compound structure necklaces by Molecularmuse and bags made of Hawaiian Kona coffee burlap sac by Manila Extract. And now, they are in cahoots in this surprise category! How can you snag these? Bid on them and let’s [...]

Handmade for Earth Day Auction 2012: Green Your Decor

green your decor collage

What a way to decorate for Spring. Sustainably. Simply. Fashionably. ……. Earnest Efforts – Salvaged Wooden Ash Box Pouch – Vintage Fabric Hearts Prairie Threads – Round Coiled Mat Kanelstrand – Photography Artwork zJayne – Set of Three Sachet Ecokaren – Orange and Black Ruffled Pillow Uncorked – Heart Shaped Cork Board Retail Value: $138.75 The [...]

Handmade for Earth Day Auction 2012: Girls Night Out

girlsnightout collage

This awesome package is perfect for greening up your fancy night on the town. With accessories, jewelry, and make up, you will be set!. The night air is still a little nippy so these pretty knitted accessories will be perfect for your girls night out or for a date, or as gifts! Click on the [...]