Sprint’s Replenish Review

If you haven’t heard the news about Eco Etsy partnering with Sprint, you must have been away from the internet – perhaps too busy rescuing our planet? I thought so. But if you heard, that means you also heard about Sprint’s eco-friendly phone, Samsung Replenishâ„¢.  (I’ll hold off the adjectives until I tell you the […]

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Eco Etsy on Sprint’s New Green ID Pack for Android

We are very proud and excited to announce that we have partnered with Sprint, one of the highest ranked green telecom companies, to link our site to select Android devices for easy green handmade shopping experience for their customers, right at their finger tips. Today, Sprint announced its newest ID Pack called, Green ID Pack […]

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Earth Day Green Share and Handmade Auction

Earth Day is 41 years old this year. As our annual celebration, we will be sharing seed packets in our “Green Share” efforts with our community. What is Green Share? Green Share is sharing of a gift of seeds and a starter planter that is given freely to classrooms, local businesses, neighbors, friends and family. […]

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We are getting better and better

We are excited to announce some great changes to our humble abode here on Eco Etsy’s site. We have added some new tenants and moved the furniture around a little so that you can appreciate the comforts of our home better. As you have probably noticed, we’ve added a new feature called, {Tuesday Treasury} where […]

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2010: Eco Friendly Year in Review

2010 has been an amazing year for Team Eco Etsy. We started the year with new leaders and new editors in March, along with a new home for our awesome blog. We’ve had some changes along the way with even newer editors joining us for the blog and changes in some leadership positions too. I […]

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Eco Etsy Green Holiday Giveaway

Eco Etsy’s first Green Holiday Giveaway! There you have it! Our biggest and most fantastic Green Holiday Giveaway EVER!! Make plans for this huge giveaway! Details will be posted when the giveaway starts next week! 5,591 total views, 5 views today

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Green Share from Brasspaperclip

Cindi from Brasspaperclip sent me these darling pictures of her daughter making seed packets to share with her neighbors. She recycled mis-printed wedding invitation envelopes from her shop to use as packets. …and even attached a little pot to plant the seeds! What a great idea! Do you have any “Green Share” pictures you want […]

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New Team Leaders

Photo: Flickr Commons Spring is finally here and as the new seedlings are edging and pushing their heads out of the ground, shoving aside the hardened earth that has been protecting them throughout the harsh winter and being anxious to start a new life, we are excited to announce the following awesome news. We are […]

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Glamcycling Giving Prom Dresses New Life & New Memories

It’s Wednesday and I know you may be expecting to find a new Featured Member posting. With prom season on the way, we thought this would be a great post to share. Let me start with a brief introduction. I’m Myra Roldan, the Makeup Doctor on FunkeyMonkeyCompany I’m also a blogger and serialpreneur. You can […]

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