Spring Cleaning without toxic chemicals


Here at Eco Etsy, we’re wrapping up our 14 days of crafting tutorials, but if you aren’t quite ready to wave goodbye to the DIY, you’re in luck. Today, in honor of the budding daffodils outside my window, and the new blog format, ECO Monday is going to help you with a little Spring Cleaning. […]

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Eco-Inspiration – Hockey Goes Green with NHL Green

As a girl who was raised in a sports town like Boston it was virtually impossible to avoid growing up a fan of at least one professional sport. Now that the NHL is back on the ice (YEA!) I’ve been hearing even more about the NHL Green initiative launched on January 1, 2010.  Sports in […]

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{Eco Inspirations} Mosquitos driving you batty?


Danger is lurking in my garden. Unfortunately, it’s not as cute as the picture. Today I got my first mosquito bite. It’s March. This does not bode well for summer. For those who haven’t followed my personal blog, let me first warn you that I live in the land of giant bugs. Plentiful bugs. Bugs […]

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news and views – resolutions for the new year?


It’s been quite a year, all across the globe, hasn’t it? Beauty and destruction, births and deaths, political upheaval, social responsibility, breakthroughs in science, medicine and ecology, people across the globe banding together to help each other live better lives. What are your most remarkable moments of this last year? Did you try anything new, […]

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Gifts that keep on Giving

Recycled Sail Stocking by Reiter8

This time of year can often be a little crazy, with people feeling pressured to buy the “right” gift for everyone on their list, the crowded shopping centers, angry traffic, consumerism run amok. It”s enough to make me want to hibernate by a fire with a giant plate of cookies. Buying handmade on Etsy, especially […]

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