{Eco-Inspirations} Habitat for Humanity ReStore


About 2 years ago I purchased a house for my girls and I, a little red gingerbread house that is over 90 years old.  I love old houses, but with an old house comes several challenges.  I’m hesitant to do any kind of work that will change the original structure and feel of the house, […]

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{Eco-Inspirations} Pumpkin Party

diy pumpkin body butter

Happy Monday! It’s time for your weekly dose of Eco-Inspirations – and when thinking about what to highlight this go-around the choice seemed obvious: Pumpkins. Sure I could bring you the latest green tech news or a moving story about what one small town is doing to make their community more sustainable – but it […]

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{Eco-Inspirations} Drive Less, Bike More

So many of us want to live greener lifestyles and cut back on our carbon footprint, but there is one part of the carbon footprint that people seem to struggle with: commuting. There’s no point in denying that we live in a car-centric country, but what if you – yes, you – could start changing […]

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{Eco Inspirations} 3 steps to a greener life


There are hundreds, if not thousands of things  you can do to live a greener lifestyle. Here are a few that are fairly easy to implememt and have a big impact on simplifying and greening your life. 1) Stop  consuming commercial/mass products. All of those bottles of shower and sink cleaners; shampoos, cosmetics and fragrances […]

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{Eco Inspirations} Minnesota’s Message in a Bottleâ„¢

man with collection bottle

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been known to drive for many miles with a banana peel on the floor of my car or a plastic bottle in the cup holder, just so I could compost or recycle it at home. I admit, I’m a bit of a greenie. My husband, not so much. […]

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{Eco-Inspirations} A Raw Labor Day

Labor Day is a holiday that holds great meaning for many United Stationers. For those with 9-5 jobs, it’s an extra day off. For others it’s a time to reflect on their roles within the workplace. And yet for most it’s the official summer send off. But no matter how you may be celebrating today […]

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{Eco-Inspirations} Cascade Couriers


When you live in a very small county (just over 160,000 people) in a very rural area surrounded by mountains on one side and a desert on the other, you don’t expect much in terms of “going green.” However, I’m thrilled that every year, Deschutes County, Oregon gets greener and greener. One of the businesses […]

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{Eco-Inspirations} The Encyclopedia of Country Living

Encyclopedia of Country Living

One summer ago in the 1990’s, I was bored and pawing through the book shelves at my parents house when I found a strange encyclopedia — it was  thick and cumbersome, forlorn and dog-eared.  My teenage self first stalled from opening the book thinking “Why would I read something during summer vacation!” But it was […]

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{Eco-Inspirations} – Making a Difference in Detroit

Screen Shot 2012-08-12 at 8.37.27 PM

In Detroit, Michigan, Cass Community Social Services is making a difference by recycling old tires into floor mats.  Not only are they repurposing trash from the streets of Detroit, but they are also giving a second chance to the homeless in the area. Director, Faith Fowler, describes the recycling program: We pick up illegally dumped […]

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