DIY Hook A bracelet – All by Yourself

I love jewelry.   Thinking about it, Designing it, but most of all wearing it. Some of my favorite pieces are bracelets. These favorite bracelets are also some of my most frustrating accessories  since it is very difficult to get them off and on by myself. Do you share my annoyance? Do you sometimes leave the perfect […]

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Crafty Tutorial How to Refinish Copper the Green Way

We’ve all been there. A beautiful copper piece sits in our collection but it’s hard to tell just how great it is underneath layers of crud and grime. Today I’m going to share with you how I brought new life to a hand-me-down portable copper-topped fire pit using nothing more than the supplies in my […]

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DIY Homemade Vegan Mascara & Vegan Cake Mascara

Mascara!  The staple of all beauty products – it lengthens, thickens, darkens, colors, curls and makes your eyes look absolutley fabulous. I have been offering my Vegan Mascara in my shop HerbanLuxe on Etsy for close to two years now – it’s one of my favorite products to make.  My formula is based on an […]

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Kicking Off 14 Days of Green Crafting

Hey Everyone!  EcoEtsy will be kicking off 14 Days of Green Crafting starting tomorrow, Sunday February 15 – March 2nd. We will be offering some great DIY projects that you are loyal readers can create at home. Here’s a list of tutorials that we have posted over the past year and a half, right here […]

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{Green Living} A Personalized Business Card Holder Made From a T-shirt

If you’ve been looking for the perfect business card holder, have I got the solution for you!  Myra’s post on how to Make Your Own Fabric Labels inspired me to pursue this customized card holder with a few items that I had laying around the house.  Here are the supplies that you’ll need. 1.  A […]

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Crafty Tutorial – How to Make a Necktie Minibag

Happy Saturday! The necktie hoarder is back with a shiny new tutorial to dispel the winter blahs. And, to make the day even more entertaining, you can enter to win the very bag created in this tutorial! Read through to the end – you’ll get there… This tutorial assumes a basic knowledge of machine sewing […]

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DIY Soap Scum Remover – a natural soft scrub alternative

I was recently hired by someone to clean their home naturally, and I had the pleasure of cleaning one VERY yucky tub & shower! I can’t even tell you how a shower would have so much black and brown grime growing in it.. but I CAN tell you that this cleaning formula worked MAGIC in […]

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{Green Living} How to Make a Reusable Denim Bag

If this is the year that you’ve resolved to go greener, why not start by eliminating those single-use bags that are typically derived from natural gas and petroleum?  Millions of single-use bags end up in the landfill each year which is precisely why many counties and US cities that have banned or imposed taxes for […]

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Holiday Menu Board Made From an Old Cabinet Door

It’s true that I love to shop in thrift stores on a regular basis, I haven’t found a Goodwill that I couldn’t conquer yet!  But I’ve recently found a new thrift love, Habitat for Humanity’s Restore.  Restore is a thrift shop for those looking to do a little home improvement or similar construction project.  It […]

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