Member Spotlight – Armelle of PurePixie


Armelle of PurePixie on Etsy has been on Etsy since 2009. She runs a 5-star rated show with over 300 sales and over 1,900 admirers.  Having been on Etsy since 2009, Armelle has built a solid following on Etsy.  Today, I want to give you all the opportunity to meet Armelle and learn more about her […]

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{Meet a Member} KnitStorm

Crochet Fabric Heart

  This week’s featured member is Katy (or Kate) Reiser of She is located in a college town in Southern New Jersey, where she cohabitates with her map-loving, red-bearded husband, her sweet bus-obsessed little boy of one and a half years, and a sleepy kitty who shows her face now and then. * How […]

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{Meet a Member} Lynn Minney Designs


Lynn Minney of Lynn Minney Designs resides in Central New York with her husband of 9 years, Les, and their daughter, Claire. * How did you get started in your chosen craft and what do you enjoy most about it? After a long hiatus from machine sewing, two years ago I found a magazine article […]

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{Meet a Member} Chucka Stone Designs

love sign

Jenn Flynn-Shon is the proud owner of Chucka Stone Designs from Boston, MA. I am married with no kids and no pets unless you count dust bunnies; student going for an MA in English (online) which consumes most (read: ALL) of my time; I’ve written 2 manuscripts (one fully edited that I’m shopping, the other […]

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{Meet a Member} Lolailo

butcher block w Mod Podge

My name is Gloria, and I am the person behind Lolailo.  When I am not unemployed, I am a winemaker.  I grew up in Spain.  I live near the Napa Valley, I am married to a winemaker, and I must say we drink quite well at our house. In my newly found spare time I […]

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