news & views – decision fatigue

eat, sleep, sew patch by phoenixcompost

Earlier this month, a friend linked me to this article on “decision fatigue” in the New York Times. The article is being circulated pretty widely and the gist of it is that the more decisions we are faced with in a day, the more likely we are to hit overload and default to the “easy” […]

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{News and Views} The importance of eating seasonal, even in the winter

It’s the start of September and we are starting to feel the change of the seasons. Gone are the days when the fruits and vegetables of the summer season are abundant. We know it’s best to eat ‘seasonally’ but what does it mean and how do we eat seasonal foods in the winter? What is […]

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News & Views – Feeding the Homeless

food not bombs feeding the hungry

Depending on where you live, scenes like the one above may or may not be something you’re used to seeing: community groups feeding the hungry or homeless, picking up where government programs can often no longer provide aid to an increasing pool of people in need. To most people, these groups appear to be doing […]

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{News & Views} Mushrooms In Your Mail

Satellite View of Earth's Ground Pollution

I’m going to talk about mushrooms this morning. Not because they’re delicious, weird, and sometimes slimy, but because they can help our environment, your business, and your garden. Satellite View of Ground Pollution On Our Earth We know that Styrofoam and plastics are quite the environmental perpetrators, and we lose a little respect for companies that […]

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{News and Views} Home Canning without BPA

It’s that time of the year when those of us who garden are starting to think about putting away the bounty of our hard work for the winter season. We all have different reasons why we tend a piece of land. It could be for the joy of growing fresh foods or to reduce our […]

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{News & Views} When walking home becomes a crime


Take note pedestrians, in Austell, GA jaywalking is a more serious crime than driving drunk. In what amounts to a declaration of war on pedestrians, a small town near Atlanta, Georgia has convicted the mother of a child killed while she and others were trying to walk home from the bus of vehicular homicide, while […]

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{News and Views} Healthy Couponing

CC Photo courtesy of Samantha Celera on Flickr

From magazine stands to reality television, couponing has become the new fad. The economy looks and feels bleak, regardless of what politicians say, and many families find it hard to merely stay afloat. Saving a few bucks on groceries may implore a glance from the casual shopper but once you take the time to do […]

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Happy Independence day!

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{news & views} what the frack?


Fracking. It bears an uncanny resemblance to a popular curse word, doesn”t it? With reason. Fracking is the process of using fluid pressure to crack the bedrock which makes up the earth”s core in the hope of releasing natural gas or oil. While that may sound perfectly innocent to some people, those living with the […]

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