Themed Nomination Winners – Independence Day the EcoEtsy Way!

This week’s Themed Nomination was Independence Day and this week’s winners are: Sewn Natural felted wool acorns (she has them for both of this month’s Independence Day celebrations) were nominated by Tamdoll, Ojami and EcoKaren. and ElisBlankies beautiful baby blanket and how cute is this baby! Even more amazing EcoEtsy items like Reiter8’s beautiful pillow,  […]

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Themed Nomination Winner- Bath and Body

Thanks to everyone who sent in nominations for this week’s Themed Nominations- Bath and Body! The winner is team member herbanlifestyle’s  “Orange Meringue Whipped Body Scrub”, pictured above and nominated by ecokaren.  Perfect for getting your body beach-ready. Have fun team! 693 total views, 2 views today

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Themed Nomination Winner- Travel

Thanks to everyone who sent in nominations for this week’s Themed Nomination- Travel! The winner is Marmalime‘s “New Zealand Recycled Eco Friendly Luggage Tags” suggested by member Tamdoll. What a great way to quickly identify your bags among the long, boring parade of the carousel! Way to go team and thanks again! 768 total views, 2 views today

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Themed Nomination Winner- Father’s Day

Thanks to everyone for sending in such great nominations for this week’s theme, “Father’s Day”. I am pleased to announce the winner: NottyPooch‘s Recycled Billboard Banner Casing for iPod 3G and iPhone. NottyPooch was nominated by MaryZoom and BrassPaperclip who both think the team member’s recycled billboard items make perfect Father’s Day gifts. 655 total views, no […]

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Themed Nomination Winners- Graduation Gifts

Thanks to everyone who sent in nominations for this week’s theme- Graduation Gifts.  We have co-winners this week! Pictured first is Polarity’s Violet Floral Recycled Cedar Record Frame Magnet Board and Magnets.  Nominated by team member RedorGrayArt who thinks it is perfect for college students or grads who are starting their “real world” life.  Next up is Mandinka’s […]

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Themed Nomination Winners – Treasures from the Sewing Basket

zJayne nominated this incredible cuff made by Greenbelts. I have to agree with her that it is quite an eye catcher. If you take a look at the other photos of it in Greenbelt’s Etsy shop you will notice the amazing size of this beautiful vintage button. It is a truly unique piece. This charming […]

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Themed Nomination Winners – Smart Design

Without further ado, the winners are: So simple, yet so fun and functional.  This wooden top has been crafted by WoodToyShop whose beautiful heirloom toys are made to last from mill ends and scrap hard wood. This smart design was spotted by zJayne. zJayne is also the maker of this very clever design: These are […]

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Themed Nominations Winners – Bees and other Pollinators

And this week’s theme nomination winners are: Nominated by both BrassPaperclip and janssendesigns Mason bee condo from TrilliumArtisans is made of untreated fir posts. Orchard mason bees (osmia lignaria) are early spring pollinators and are especially effective for fruit trees. They are are gentle creatures that your whole garden will love. What a great idea! […]

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Themed Nomination Winners – Mother’s Love

Some of the nominations I received for this week’s theme were sent with some really touching memories of mothers which made them personable and extra special. Like this one nominated by Lynnaddison: ‘Seafoam’ stacking set rings were designed and made by JesseDanger. Lynn chose this beautiful ring set because she said they reminded her of […]

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