Themed Nomination – The Art of Letter Writing

I received a letter the other day. I know that doesn’t sound very remarkable, but it wasn’t an email, or a Facebook message, nor was it a letter from the bank. It was a beautifully  hand written letter for me personally on real lined paper in dark blue ink written with a fountain pen. It […]

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Themed Nomination – Symbols of Peace

On Thursday November 11th is Veteran’s Day in the US, also known as Armistice or Remembrance Day in most Commonwealth countries, including Canada, Australia and the UK. It is a holiday to observe and commemorate the sacrifice that veterans and civilians have made during times of war. In Belgium this day is known as the […]

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Themed Nomination – Naturally Wonderful Wool

Brrrrrrrrrr! It’s cold and wet out there and for us Northern hemisphere folk it’s the time of year when we start to pull out our winter woollies. Nothing keeps you naturally warmer than wool. When I learned about the qualities of wool in one of my fiber arts classes I fell in love with this […]

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Themed Nomination – Celebrating Pedal Power the TeamEcoEtsy Way!

Even though the weather is getting cooler for many of us, there are still a few weeks of good biking weather ahead of us and lots of reasons to use pedal power! I am not talking about spandex-clad, super-calf â€œcyclists” here, but  just regular “bike people” as in – pedal to the post office, the corner store, that playdate […]

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Themed Nomination – It’s an Eco Halloween!

You have less than 2 weeks until Halloween mommys and daddys, so you had better put on your thinking caps and get those costumes together! This year our local elementary school held a Halloween Costume Swap – such a  great way to put a little “Reduce, Reuse & Recycle” into Halloween and it was a huge success. […]

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Themed Nomination – Saving 2nd Base – It’s Mammogram Month!

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is celebrating 25 years of awareness, education and empowerment. NBCAM is dedicated to educating women to take charge of their own breast health by practicing regular self-breast exams to identify any changes and scheduling regular visits and annual mammograms with their health care provider. So, for this week’s themed nomination […]

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Themed Nomination – It’s National Craft Week – time to get your craft on!

American Craft Week is October 1-10th (is 10 days a week now?) and there are happenings in many states including a 2 day Crafting a Nation conference in Washington DC next weekend! So, for this week’s themed nomination let’s choose a favorite craft and find a team member’s piece that represents that genre! Ever since […]

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Themed Nomination- Confucius

 It is time again for the weekly Themed Nomination. September is sometimes a difficult month to find items of interest to highlight. School is underway, it’s not quite Halloween. So, what is a blog contributor to do? Search high and low, of course! And, I have found an interesting theme for sure- Confucius. Today, September […]

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Themed Nominations- Autumn Equinox

     Thursday, September 23 marks the Autumn Equinox for this calander year. Equinox is derived from the Latin words “aequus” and “nox” meaning “equal night” which describes the balance of light and dark hours within this time.  In many traditions, this means a day for celebrating the harvest and many cultures have festivals to mark the event.  So, for this week’s Themed Nominations, […]

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