Themed Nomination – Happy Independence Day!

Americans and Canadians are getting ready to celebrate our upcoming Independence Days! These celebrations will include parades and barbecues (for tips on avoiding carbon from barbecues- check out Treehugger). So for this week’s Themed Nomination – let’s get ready for the 4th of July, otherwise known as the USA turns 234 and Canada Day, otherwise known […]

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Themed Nominations: Bath and Body

Who is ready to hit the beach? I know I am! But, first, we need to get our skin ready for the outdoors.  For this week’s Themed Nominations, we are highlighting Bath and Body items.   Please show some love for our team members who are working hard to make our skin soft, smooth and beach-ready!  Like […]

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Themed Nominations- Travel

Now is the time of year when school is winding down and everyone is looking forward to a little vacation time.  Whether it is a camping trip, a flight overseas or just a visit to the next county over, why not accessorize with a few eco-friendly items? For this week’s Themed Nomination, please send in […]

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Themed Nominations- Father’s Day

Sunday, June 20th is Father’s Day in the United States.   For this week’s Themed Nomination, we will be highlighting gifts for all the Papas out there! Herban Lifestyle’s  “Man Shaving Soap” pictured above and other manly products would make perfect Father’s Day gifts. You can do a tag search on Etsy for ‘teamecoetsy’ to find an […]

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Themed Nominations- Graduation Gifts

Do you need ideas for graduation gifts? It is the time of year when people of all ages and stages are moving up in the world.  It seems like we have graduations starting in preschool now. And why not? It is great to celebrate progress and success! So, for this week’s Themed Nomination, please send […]

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Themed Nomination – Treasures from the Sewing Basket

I’m guessing that many of our team members have in common a fondness for sewing baskets. Finding an old sewing basket or box filled with trinkets and treasures at a garage sale is such a thrill. I’ll usually buy the whole thing on the spot and then take it home and spend hours going through […]

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Themed Nomination – Smart Design

Innovative design is something I’ve really noticed and been very inspired by in the EcoEtsy team.  From the clever reusing of materials which otherwise might end up in the landfill to items which have been designed to make our impact on the environment a little bit lighter, EcoEtsy team members are putting out some smart […]

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Themed Nomination – Bees and other Pollinators

Something  exciting and extraordinary happened in our household this week-end – we received bees for our first two beehives. They arrived late last night and this morning they were already out foraging for pollen and nectar in the dandelions in my garden. Over 90% of the world’s plants rely on insect and animal pollinators for […]

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Themed Nomination – Mother’s Love

This Sunday May 9th is Mothers Day and I’m sure that many of you are beginning to think about how to celebrate this special day with your mothers. This one day in the year is an opportunity for us to honor our mothers and to thank them for their unconditional love. There is nothing quite […]

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