Lori of Drinks To Design – Everyone says you should “do what you love”.  I’m fortunate that the twists in my career have allowed me to create an eclectic professional life that combines my passions for marketing, making jewelry, photography, reading, and more.  I love being part of the EcoEtsy team and I’m proud to coordinate the content that we deliver here on the team blog.

Membership Coordinators

Tiffany of PicnicBasketCrafts – I am the proud mother of two beautiful little boys and wife to a loving husband. I have a B.A. in Environmental, Populational and Organismic Biology, with a minor in Biochemistry, and 12 years of experience as a biology and chemistry teacher. I moonlight as an inventor, crafter and, most recently, freelance writer.  I love to share my love for earth and humankind in as many ways as I can find!

Celyn of Un Lieu Sur Terre – “ Hello /Bonjour ‘’ I am Celyn or Lila (artist name) of UN LIEU SUR TERRE. I am French (from Nice and yes it is nice 😉 ) but wife and mother of 2 « 100% Californian » I am a self taught artist (raku, encaustic paintings and printmaker). My work and brand UN LIEU SUR TERRE is indeed very much like my life! A patchwork and collage of graphic emotions, errors and trials, a longing nostalgia for yesterdays days, “roots and buds” in two countries and lots of ladders and strings interconnecting them all! I believe in creating a business that does its part to create a sustainable future. No matter how small a part I may get to play in this future, I have an opportunity to use eco-friendly & repurposed materials and choose to do so. EcoEtsy is where I have found a a community of like-minded, creative people and I enjoy very much the interactions and insights I gain through our growing group. You can follow me on facebook here and find me on my blog here.

Team Tag Liaisons (Responsible for sellers alphabetically)

Cindy of Usefulbooks (A-H) – My little nest in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in north Georgia is almost empty.  After raising and home educating three young men, I’ve been enjoying creative pursuits afresh.  I took a class to learn bookbinding and have been hopelessly hooked ever since.  Originally, I utilized recycled materials for the character and individuality they lent to my books.  A deeper awareness of green living in general has grown from that small beginning.

Jennifer of RecycledParts (I-P) – I am a full time artist working out of my home in Olympia WA where I live with my loving husband and very sweet dog.  I have always been an eco-conscious person, and just a few years ago I started using recycled materials in my art.  I now have a great passion for using recycled, organic, vintage and upcycled materials in my products.  I am constantly striving to lessen my impact on the environment, both personally, and as a business, and I love sharing what I have learned with others.

Megan of TaDahpdx (Q-Z) – I live in a purple house in Portland Oregon, with my  two very active school age boys, my compulsively clean husband, and crazy Boston Terrier.  Managing the zoo that is my life takes lots of love, patience, and laughter.  My happy place is my in-home studio where I create one-of-a-kind pieces out of recycled bowling balls and any kind of reclaimed glass I can get my hands on.

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Christine of Rustic Carvings I am always hugging trees.  I graduated from The University of Texas at Dallas with a BS in Accounting and became a CPA in 2005.  But then, after almost 10 years in the tax profession, and a lot of soul searching, I decided it was time for a change.  Once out of work, the creative bug that laid dormant for all those years, came to the surface.  Shortly thereafter, Rustic Carvings was born.  I have been saving wood from roadsides, and trash bins, ever since.

Karen of ecokaren – I have been an active member of EcoEtsy since I opened my first shop in 2008 and a recently retired Captain. The team has been truly inspirational and supportive of my green journey. As a retired Chiropractor, who taught patients the unequivocal correlation between the environment and health, I really appreciate the team’s passion about the environment. I share the same knowledge with my loyal readers on my blog, ecokaren, while creating eco-goodies for my shop, ecokaren.  When I’m not active on the team or managin my shop, I am a mom to two greenagers, a wife to an accidental recycler, and a master chef to my locavores.
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Bee of The Wooden Bee – We are a husband and wife team that creates eco-friendly home decor out of reclaimed wood and other materials leftover from home construction waste.  Together, we are raising a young family, enjoying the environment & recycling wood. You can find us on our shop or on our blog and of course, on Pinterest.

Gloria of Lolailo – It was hard to do a lot of crafting while working full-time.  The recession took care of that, and when I lost my winemaking job, creativity became a wonderful outlet. I was made aware of the importance of being resourceful and thrifty at an early age, while growing up in Spain, and it comes as no surprise that I love to create using forgotten materials: irrelevant corks that go in the trash once the bottle of wine is empty, pieces of wood destined for kindling, dusty frames sitting in a thrift store. I am attracted to functional crafts that help you get organized. I live in the Suisun Valley area of California with my husband, who is also a winemaker.  He loves to cook and I love to eat.  We have a great life. You can find me on my blog, Twitter, Facebook, and of course, on Pinterest.

Blog Authors


Lydia of Pierogi Picnic â€“ Pierogi Picnic is a line of handmade clothing and accessories designed and created by me, Lydia Krupinski. My delectable, one-of-a-kind creations are crafted from vintage and second-hand fabrics, creating a truly unique line of scrumptious wares. Beyond sewing and blogging, I spend my days cooking yummy vegetarian dishes, refining my urban homestead, and singing with Polish choir Odnowa. During the day you can also find me coordinating volunteers and foster homes for Chicago’s oldest and most respected animal welfare organization – The Anti-Cruelty Society. And when I’m not doing one or all of the above – I can be caught relaxing on my front porch with my hub, artist David Paul Downs, and our three mischievous pets Peanut, Butter and Tomato. Follow me and all my escapades on Facebook or Twitter.

Yancy of Five Seed  –  When I was a little girl, my aunt gave me a book about six cousins who lived in the woods and healed an injured rabbit with their bag of herbal medicines. Since then, I have been obsessed with natural healing and herbal folklore. I spent years researching herbal remedies and crafting balms and salves to help me heal from my own skin problems. The success I experienced with my products made me want to share them with the world. And so I opened Five Seed in January 2010. The name alludes to the natural, beautiful simplicity of the apple. Natural simplicity is my guiding principle – both as a business owner, and a student of life.

Emily of EmilyWestLowry. I grew up on my parent’s farm which has been in my family for 6 generations, I developed an admiration for times, peoples and places of the past as my dad was an avid picker and lover of historical and wild places. When my dad told me that my great-great grandfather planted most of the trees on our property back in the 1880’s I believed that the towering cottonwood trees  held a piece of his spirit. So following suit of my growing up, I graduated from college with a double degree in History and Geography, specializing in Historical Cartography and Environmental History. While I was attending college, I started my handmade business as a senior in  2010, and became 100% self employed in the Spring of 2011. I hope to continue my crafty business and to also make my way into sustainable living activism and freelance prose and song writing.

Sara of wormewoole – I was raised eating organic vegetables and meat from our farm, recycling/reusing everything possible, and with an understanding of the special-ness of this historical and geographic spot on the shore of Lake Superior. After spending many years in Hawaii, I returned to my roots and hometown in 2006. I thoroughly love living in the country and doing the things my family has done forever, like making applesauce and hanging my clothes on the line. I am happy to be using reclaimed materials to create special eco-chic accessories for you and to be promoting a green lifestyle. I also drive “Mom’s Taxi” all over the county and across state lines and write articles for publication in my spare time.  You can also find me on Facebook.

{EcoEtsy Finds}

Jenn of Writesy â€“ I’m the Author of “Ripple the Twine” – a Tomboy-meets-Townie Chick-Lit novel, “Trying for the Moon” – a Chapbook (collection of poetry), “Small but Scrappy: Volume One” – a Perzine about my first eight years as a Writer, and “Randomness and Lunacy” – a personal blog about my life.  I wanted more control over the publishing process so I launched Writesy Press, an Independent title self-publishing House, in January of 2012. With a third manuscript in the works, due to be released as an eBook in the fall, I keep a pretty tight schedule. But when I make time to relax I love to hang out with my husband, explore the country on road trips, watch my Boston sports teams, share laughs with friends and family, and read everything from blogs to novels. My husband and I moved to Phoenix, Arizona from Boston, Massachusetts in the summer of 2011. The change was huge and I’ve never been happier! I make a point to write daily, and I love to network on FacebookTwitter and Goodreads. I’m a shameless self-promoter and I also enjoy promoting the work of others.

Amanda of Simply Rustic. I’m a thirty something Momma to an almost three year old little guy and a four year old, nine year old and sixteen year old girls. Wife to a wonderful, supportive husband that loves to make me laugh.  I love my morning cup of coffee (or three), my evening cup of decaf green tea and honey and occasionally a glass of good wine.  I’m an Environmentalist at heart, love being outside playing with my kids, getting down in the dirt organic gardening and growing herbs, fishing and exploring nature.  On a rainy day I enjoy grabbing a cup of coffee, cuddling up on the couch and reading a good book but that has not happened in years. I also have a love for learning and have become quite the researcher.  My passion is caring for my family, the world we live in and helping others.  I’m obviously a big supporter of natural, organic, non-toxic and safe beauty, skin and personal care products and cleaning products – basically any product that comes in contact with my family and yours, I want it to be safe and beneficial without all the “yucky” stuff.

Ariana of ArianaBauer is a designer, born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri area.  Growing up in the country with her family, she learned to sew at the age of 6 and never stopped learning.  She lives in the gateway city with her two boys and husband creating fashions from natural fibers.  Her eco-savvy styles are made using a combination of ancient techniques and modern style to help keep our world both green and beautiful.

Brittaini of Long Mountain Art – I am first and foremost the mother of one inquisitive son, Santiago and a very clever daughter, Adelina.  I am blessed to be with an amazing man Aaron for 12 years.  I have an interesting career that constantly keeps me on my toes as a high school art teacher in the urban district of Columbus, Ohio since 2002.  I originally grew up in Farmington, Michigan and felt the need to spread my wings so I came here to Columbus to Capital University in 1998.  I have always been interested in being mindful of the earth and her gifts and enjoy sharing my knowledge with my own family as well as my students.  I consider myself a hodge podge artist who can’t really settle on one medium.  My loves are ceramics and metalsmithing but my business is in printmaking and silk screening.  I really am inspired by nature in its organic simplicity and geometric complexities.  I am fairly new to EcoEtsy and am very excited to join a group of like minded artisans and hope I can contribute to this amazing collection of people.

Nicole of Turquoisemama – I am a Louisiana native (currently living in Virginia)  with strong ties to my Cajun ancestry. Very blessed to come from such a lively, loving and colorful culture.  I have been writing for decades and thought it time to  share and grow.   Recently written my first published article for a local paper in the little town I live in and volunteered to write for Eco Etsy, which I am thrilled about!!  I also create, mostly with textiles and have a shop here on Etsy.  A mom, wife, daughter and sister, I am, currently living in a quaint historic town, about an hour outside of D.C., in Virginia.  We enjoy beautiful seasons, mountains, rivers and are close enough to visit the seemingly never ending museums and goings- on nearby.

{Green Living}

Lori  of Lorigami – I’m an anime-haired Craft Ninja and DIY Enabler living with my husband, a couple other artists, and a baker’s dozen of cats in a little spot of the city we call Wanderland. We’re rebuilding a neglected pair of houses from the ground up, and trying to make them as self-sufficient as possible. This same creative drive governs my crafty business, where I find beautiful ways to re-use things other people overlooked. As for the rest of my life, my alter ego took off with the Circus and spends her time dancing on boxes, creating fanciful costumes, playing with fire, and flying on the aerial hoop.

Linda of fashiongreentbags– I’ve been on Etsy since November of 2007. I have a great husband and 2 terrific children; a daughter age 25 and a son age 22. I started my shop as a hobby and a way to earn some money to donate to our local food bank. I’m currently in graduate school working on a second master’s degree and I hope to prepare myself to work in the area of bully prevention. As a retired teacher, bullying is something I’ve always campaigned against and worked to stop but I believe there is more work to be done. You can find me at fashiongreentbags and facebook.

Sonya of Kanelstrand – I live close to nature. So close that my friends like to say that I don’t need to buy a Christmas tree because pines already grow in my living room. With pines come bird songs, the sound of the waves when the sea is unruly and the visits from deers. This is my little Norwegian paradise. I like to keep my hands busy and my mind engaged and that is why I am either creating or writing. My blog Kanelstrand has become the meeting point of a vibrant green community of eco-conscious artists and crafters from around the world. I write about green and simple living and share my Scandinavian travels and photographs. i am a proponent of simple living, a minimalist and a photographer. My membership in Team EcoEtsy is the best thing that has happened to me on Etsy. It has helped me keep my focus and has connected me to an amazing community of innovative eco-minded pioneers who keep on inspiring me. You can connect with me on my bloggoogle plustwitter or facebook.

Kim of Ekofabrik â€“ Kim Johnson has been drawing ever since she could hold a pencil. When she was 4, she painted a pattern on her mother’s sheets with food coloring (and her mom didn’t even mind). Ever since then drawing and creating have been a part of her life.  It’s no surprise, she comes from a long line of artists. Her Great Great Aunt Jadi Bibily, who lived to be 102, was a famous miniature painter on ivory. Some of her more famous models were Elizabeth Taylor and The Duke of Windsor.  Kim graduated from George Brown College in Toronto, Canada for Graphic Design, and Kendall College of Art & Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan for Illustration. Since graduating, she has worked steadily in the art industry with experience in graphic design, art direction, print production, and children’s educational publishing.  Her love of children’s books and reading led her to start writing and illustrating her own children’s books. Her life experiences and dreams are the inspirations for her original stories. Her first trade publication, Dahlia Jean, Jungle Queen,published by Brighter Books Publishing was released in spring 2012. She has other projects in the works, including an animated original story and a series of children’s books in APP form.  In addition to illustrating, Kim is a freelance Graphic Designer and self-taught in sewing, knitting and photography. She has shown her photographs in galleries and runs two on-line shops featuring her original art prints and eco-friendly pillows. In fact, one of her pillow designs was featured in a segment on the Today Show and was showcased in several premiere design magazines.

Emily of Felt Sassy –  Growing up I was basically the “girl next door”, going to Catholic school and running around with friends in the neighborhood.  Now married to a Cuban immigrant/Engineer/College Professor we have two children and we are enjoying life in our little “suburban farm”.   We have backyard chickens, a garden and even a little orchard going.  I am a stay at home mom with a Master’s Degree.  In my free time I love to “thrift shop” and see what I can do or make with my finds.  I have also been working with a fellow Michigander, who authored a book called â€œHaylee’s Treasure”.  A children’s book, based in Michigan about a young girl and Michigan Woodenware bowls.  The book also features many artists and their handmade wares, including my loon patch!  Follow me on Pinterest and Facebook.

{Food and Gardening}

Erin of antiquetochic – I am gluten free out of need and like to write new recipes for those with special diets who can’t have all the yummy treats you see in the grocery stores. I have two cats, a guinea pig, and I foster kittens year round from a barn near my house. I am an every-weekend flea market shopper and I love to take vintage beads and give them a new life in my jewelry. I make jewlery as a therapy to a headache disorder I’ve had since 2008. I try to recycle every vintage and destash bead I can so they don’t end up in landfills. I even have a second shop where I sell my overflow supplies called antiquetochicsupply and you can find me on Twitter and Facebook.

Beth – Beth is the folksy, radical, down to earth gal behind the creations of Unraveled Revelry. When not sewing or writing, you can often find her in the kitchen or garden, or reading a stack of how-to books. Self sufficiency and sustainability are two of her biggest passions. Lets make the world a greener place to live and add some flavor while we’re at it!

Casey  of Sesameseeddesigns – I’m a lover of the environment and have a special fondness making beautiful things from reclaimed natural fibers. I live in Portland, OR with my husband, 2 young daughters, cats, dog, rabbit, chickens and way too many felted sweaters and balls of yarn. I have an M.S. in Ecology and work as an environmental educator part time. I am lucky to be the director of a nature-based summer camp in a gorgeous state park and get to nurture children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for nature. I even bring a bit of the natural world into my Sesame Seed Designs creations. I strive for my family to be as green, well-balanced and self-sustaining as possible and am looking forward to sharing some of what I’ve learned with EcoEtsy’s readers!

Bee – The Wooden Bee was started with love for the environment. Working in the home construction industry we saw a large amount of environmental waste! One day, we decided to do something about it.  Beautiful cherry, maple & other species of reclaimed wood soon found their way into our workshop. The Wooden Bee is operated by a husband and wife team. We are true Floridians, with a love for all things natural. When our children were born we started exploring sustainable food options, and started making more environmentally friendly choices.  Together we are raising a young family, enjoying the environment, and creating eco-friendly home decor and upcycled craft supplies.  Follow the wood at The Wooden Bee, or have fun in the garden with us at FL Gardening.

Kathy of DustbinCards â€“ Kathy lives in a 40 year old, renovated trailer house in the Idaho panhandle.  She has been married since the early Reagan years to a marvelous man who believes that a clean pair of Levis are dress pants and who can fix anything.  She is the mother of 6 children; 5 of whom are in their 20s, and a 10 year old daughter who sometimes begins conversations with random comments such as, “If you’d had me when you were supposed to…”  A home educating parent for 19 years, a self taught collage artist, a passionate gardener and an exuberant upcycler, Kathy also shares her life with Hank the chocolate lab and Charlie, the marmalade cat.

Linda of LindaEve and YouBeMother – Linda is a sewing fanatic and would sew all day and night if she didn’t have eat, sleep and earn a living. By day she works at a university research lab as a web designer, technical editor, organizer of stuff, and general lackey (this keeps food on the table and pays the mortgage) and evenings and weekends she sews, blogs, and spends time with her husband Mark, daughter Athena, many cats, and extended family (this keeps her sane). Linda’s background is in graphic design and advertising – she graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. She has dabbled in photography, poetry, and other creative outlets, but sewing has always been her passion and something to “come home to.” Her first Etsy shop, LindaEve, features mostly one-of-a-kind bags, totes, accessories, and other handmade goodies, primarily made from repurposed and remnant materials. Her other shop, YouBeMother, co-managed with daughter Athena, features vintage tea cups and other tea accoutrements, a nod to Mark’s English heritage and our family’s love of tea.

Diane of Crave Cute – I grew up on a farm on the plains of southern Nebraska, but  I always dreamed of living in the woods. My dream was fulfilled about 15 years ago when I moved to a wooded suburb in Minnesota.  My love of wildlife and the environment led me to learn about Eco-friendly and sustainable gardening techniques.  I live on a small environmental lake in Minnesota with my husband and three adorable cats. Our yard has been a Certified Wildlife Habitat through the National Wildlife Federation for over 10 years.  We all enjoy watching the ever changing wildlife in our backyard and have seen everything from bald eagles to coyotes pass by.  When not gazing out the window, I also enjoy searching Flea Markets for cute things to fill my home and shop.  Visit my blog  to learn more and follow me on Twitter  and Pinterest.

Bonnie of TheFamileeJewels – My Mother calls it digging through other peoples trash but I find beauty there.  I love old things and call them “vintage”.   I look for grime and oxidation and call it “patina”.  I search through other peoples cast offs and call it treasure.  I am a magpie. I freely admit it. I love a day spent at a flea market or garage sale picking through the smalls and looking for bits and pieces that can be used in my jewelry designs. Old leather, rhinestones, lonely earrings, tiny toys and game pieces, keys (I adore keys), old brass cabinet hardware, decorative tins, and even an old compass have found their way into my inventions. Once home and sorted I place my finds in little piles of likely combinations as I introduce the finds to one another and figure out which combination will provide inspiration.
Then the fun begins. Cutting here, filing there, shaping it a little, wiring and riveting pieces together to tell a story…and to make a piece of jewelry that is comfortable and fun to wear.  Because Life is too short to wear department store jewelry.

Cory of AquarianBath – Cory is a soap maker, community herbalist, organic gardener, and homeschooling mom.  Her background is in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Biology.  Cory and her family live in Daytona Beach, which is USDA growing zone 9a.  Find Cory’s blog and social networking sites at AquarianBath.

{Business Tips}

Myra of HerbanLuxe – Much more than mascara and lipstick. I grew up in a household with a grandfather that was way ahead of his time when it comes to conservation and living a green life. At 12, I began my first business and started learning the basics of computer programming.  Today, I’m a hyper-educated, techno-geek, Etsy shop owning, mom of three girls. I have a love for color and unconventionality and a belief that everyone has the ability to do whatever they set their heart to.   You can follow Herbanluxe on Twitter and on facebook.

Lori of DrinksToDesign â€“ I a Marketing Strategist by day and a Jewelry Designer by night…and sometimes the other way around!   I’ve spent the last 15 years of my “day job” gaining experience in market research, branding, and marketing strategy.  Posting for business tips allows me to share what I’ve has learned with the team.  I live in metro-Detroit with my husband, two great kids just heading into their teens, and a fun-loving dog.  If you like to enjoy a glass of wine or a bottle of beer, you may want to check out my Drinks to Design blog.

Cat of Uncorked – I am the designer/maker at Olive Bites Studio at the Jersey shore; home of the sustainable cork jewelry line Uncorked and the recycled, magnetic locket Polarity. I use repurposed, recycled and sustainable materials in new, unique and beautiful ways. I try to deliver an uncommon view of something we have all seen before and hopefully get people thinking about new ways of seeing and using the things in their own lives! Before the launch of my business (and a couple other ventures) I was a bank manager – but, I was a very crafty (in a good way) bank manager. I have one hubby, one daughter and one pup named Olive, who doesn’t bite anymore.

Karen of ecokaren – I have been an active member of EcoEtsy since I opened my first shop in 2008 and a recently retired Captain. The team has been truly inspirational and supportive of my green journey. As a retired Chiropractor, who taught patients the unequivocal correlation between the environment and health, I really appreciate the team’s passion about the environment. I share the same knowledge with my loyal readers on my blog, ecokaren, while creating eco-goodies for my shop, ecokaren.  I am certified Etsy Educator and teach classes locally on how to open a shop on Etsy and write about handmade business tip on Joys of Handmade. I am a mom to two greenagers, a wife to an accidental recycler, and a master chef to my locavores.
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Graphics Designer

Minna of Karuski – I am a Finnish girl with a passion of making this place called world a bit more beautiful and a whole lot greener. I am a textile designer and maker of Karuski: a collection of sweet bags, purses, pouches and jewelry. Karuski was born during my textile design studies at the college and I opened my Etsy shop in September 2008. I do sell locally in small boutiques and at craft fairs but meeting ecologically minded, creative people through Team Eco Etsy has been just something extra ordinary and wonderful and so inspiring. I love internet! My blog talks about life, art and craft, all things handmade. I also take care of European Street Team’s blog.

For any team related matters, please contact Lori.

For any blog related matters, please contact Myra.

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