Thank you for being interested in becoming a member of Eco Etsy!

Please read the qualification below and if you are qualified, please go to the Eco Etsy’s team page  and apply.

Membership Requirements:

You can apply to be a member of Team Eco Etsy if you

  • Are a seller on Etsy with more than 5 items for sale with at least 5 positive feedback rating.
  • Have similar mission as the team’s mission regarding the environment and Etsy shop.
  • Practice eco-friendly crafting and creating, incorporating sustainability into the business by having at least 75%of the items that are: (any of the methods below)
  1. Recycled (i.e. plastic bags, glass, or any type of ‘recycled’ resources)
  2. Repurposed or upcycled (re-using any resources to make newly designed items)
  3. Reusable (any items that will replace disposable items)
  4. Sustainable and Safe Ingredients (natural, organic, wool, un-dyed, hemp, jute, etc…)
  5. Vintage (any items that are 20 years or older – according to Etsy’s guidelines)

*Note: If you sell health and beauty products, your shop will be reviewed by the membership committee and a “Health and Beauty” panel.

In addition, as a member, you must:

  • Jin the team’s official communication venue on Google Group first before we accept  you on Etsy.
  • Participate or contribute in at least two events or for the team’s blog.
  • Attend on-line meeting/chat at least once a year.
  • State “Proud member of Team EcoEtsy” on the “Profile” section in Etsy shop.
  • Tag eco-friendly items with “teamecoetsy

Please check the following links for more information about Team Ecoetsy membership

Welcome! (New Members)
How Contribute to the Team
How to Contribute to Our Blog
Membership List

Please contact the team Captain for any additional information about joining Team Eco Etsy.

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