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We love members’ contributions to our blog. Our blog has been mentioned in numerous sites as being one of the best eco blogs. And the reason for being coveted with such recognition is the informative and creative articles members submit to the blog.

There are many dedicated editors who volunteered to post the articles you submit. We welcome your articles and ideas. Please read the following daily topics and we strongly urge you to contribute. And as a contributor, your shop and other links will be mentioned in the article. Please refer to the Contacts page for the editors whom you can submit the articles to.

MONDAY: News and Views
Any eco-news that are recent or old, as long as you state your sources, are welcome. Any regional news is especially welcome since we are a global team and we have members all over the world. We would love to learn about what your neighborhood, city, state and country is doing to better our planet. Do you know of any cool eco-gadget invention that a company just rolled out? Submit it. Do you know of an eco-hero you read about? Submit it. The possibilities are endless. We would like to make EcoEtsy blog, a “go-to” place, a global resource, for eco-news.

TUESDAY: Tuesday Treasury
Once a week, EcoEtsy members have a chance to submit treasuries they curate. The winner will be chosen and featured on Tuesdays, along with a display of the shop’s badge on the sidebar for a week. There will be two runner-ups too and their links will be featured. You can submit the treasuries on the Team Page on Etsy when the editor opens  a thread for submission. You have until Sunday 9PM to submit. If yours is chosen, you will be contacted on Monday to inform you and with a request for a badge (125×125) of your shop.  Curating a treasury is a a great way to get to know other members. But make sure when you are searching for items, use the proper team tag “teamecoetsy” and check the team page to make sure that they are members. If the editor finds an item that does not belong to a member on your treasury, it will not be considered. And if you do come across a seller who is using our team tag, you can contact one of the Team Tag Liaisons on the Contact page.

WEDNESDAY: Eco Tips and Tutorials
Members and non-members love to learn how to be greener. The tips do not have to be complicated or long. You can submit one tip. As long as they are about improving our green lifestyle, we welcome any eco-tips you want to share. Search the blog to make sure they haven’t been featured in the past.

Tutorials and how-to’s can definitely be about more than green crafting. Other topics that we’d love to feature include recipes, gardening, building, cleaning, and so much more! We want to encompass all aspects of green living, so don’t hold back! Pictures are always nice visual aids. Please make the sizes of the pictures medium sized files to make editing easier.  Include links to any photos you want included.

THURSDAY: Thoughts on Shops

We have some awesome successful power sellers on Etsy who have been around the block. They have graciously volunteered to critique your shop  – for FREE! The only stipulation is that the critique is published on this fabulous feature. We can all use some tweaking and this is a great way to have your shop reviewed by experts. The request for participants will be posted on the team’s forum on Yahoo so be on the look out for the call. And don’t miss out on this great opportunity to improve your shop.

FRIDAY: Business Tips

We are very excited about our business and we want to succeed. But there are many obstacles that we need to overcome. If you are a business savvy person who has had positive experience in managing certain aspect of your business, please share with the team, what you learned. The business topics could be Etsy related tricks, accounting, bookkeeping, computing, blogging, marketing, or any business related issues.

SATURDAY: Guest Posts

This is the ultimate way to contribute to the blog. If you are a member, you can submit your ideas and posts to our awesome blog. If you want to share your green experience with our readers, please contact Lori and let her know you would like to contribute and article and we’ll publish it on this feature.

So, now that you know there are so many ways to contribute to the blog, start writing those articles and submit them to the editors.

We are waiting for you!

**The editors have the right to edit your articles for size, length and content. We have the right to refuse any articles that we deem to be inappropriate for the team’s blog.**

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