Target Markets

There have been some wonderful business tips on marketing and advertising on the blog. To build on these, I'm going to draw upon my other professional life, as a business librarian. Librarians love to connect people with information resources, so I … [Continue reading]

Climate Change Denials Just Don’t Hold Water

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  I watched with great interest the post of the debate between Bill Nye (The Science Guy) and Ken Ham, (Founder of the Creation Museum). I personally can't understand how people can disbelieve such a vast amount of  peer-reviewed scientific … [Continue reading]

Spring 2014 Fashion Trends – What You Need to Know

Iris Apfel quote

I have a bit of a confession to make- I have mixed feelings about the new set of "trends" forecast every season. Personally I much more appreciate the personal style approach: discover what you like that makes you feel good, and wear that- NOT … [Continue reading]

How to make natural compost activator yourself?


  We are in the middle of winter...a hard one in NYC....lots of snow... So we need to think about spring , flowers and...plants....Gardening.... I'm very curious about organic gardening that's why I decided to introduce to you too amazing … [Continue reading]

Eco-Tutorials: Valentine’s Day Gifts

You know what day it is - Valentine's Day! And just like you, our hearts are all aflutter with visions of love, romance, and heart-shaped treats! In an ode to the holiday that celebrates amore we've put together a fun collection of must-try … [Continue reading]