Intrinsic Value

It can be a challenge to keep up with all the business news out there. I’m saying this as a small business owner and also as a business librarian. The Harvard Business Review Blogs are a source that always give me something to consider – often challenging me, and sometimes surprising me.  I was just […]

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{Business Tips} A Year of Ideas to Build Your Business

  As the year winds to a close, I thought it would be fitting to take a look back at the business tips from 2011.  This year, we had 8 awesome bloggers contribute to create 49 posts.  All of these posts were aimed at helping advance our Etsy shops and improve our performance both online […]

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{Business Tips} Advertising on Facebook

After Myra’s awesome Business Tip post last week Business Blogvertising with Project Wonderful, I thought a nice follow-up would be the opportunities that exist with very targeted advertising on Facebook.  Some quick searching around the web and feedback from our own EcoEtsy team members, allowed me to quickly realize that success with Facebook advertising is […]

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{Business Tips} Blogvertising with Project Wonderful

Today I am going to introduce you to Project Wonderful, a blogvertising site that kicks butt.  In past posts I’ve offered some awesome tips, which included a blurb about Project Wonderful, but today I’ll expand on the topic.  If you’ve never heard of Project Wonderful let me share some of the awesome features it boasts,  […]

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