Themed Nomination Winner- Bath and Body

Orange Meringue Whipped Body Butter Scrub

Thanks to everyone who sent in nominations for this week’s Themed Nominations- Bath and Body! The winner is team member herbanlifestyle’s  “Orange Meringue Whipped Body Scrub”, pictured above and nominated by ecokaren.  Perfect for getting your body beach-ready. Have fun team! 59 total views, no views today

59 total views, no views today


Themed Nominations: Bath and Body

Soft Whipped Facial Creme Soap

Who is ready to hit the beach? I know I am! But, first, we need to get our skin ready for the outdoors.  For this week’s Themed Nominations, we are highlighting Bath and Body items.   Please show some love for our team members who are working hard to make our skin soft, smooth and beach-ready!  Like […]

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