Some happy Bee news for a change!

Here’s a little update on the bee post from a few weeks ago. Europe went ahead with their Neonicotinoid ban! And just for good measure, here’s a happy story from TreeHugger about a man who went out of his way to save one hive: “Everyone needs to know how important bees are. I have a […]

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Save the Bees!

When you think about animals vital to human survival, bees and their fellow pollinators are right at the top of the list. Without bees, crops don’t grow, and we don’t get to eat real food. For a few years now, researchers and gardeners alike have been wringing their hands over the mass disappearance of so […]

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{Food & Gardening} Gardening for Insects

I am happy to see a trend to rethink our lawns. A few years ago we started rethinking our lawn, and I started planting garden beds just for insects. Our family has since been richly rewarded with more successful vegetable gardens and beautiful creatures to admire. These gardens have also shown our children (and reminded […]

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{Food and Gardening} Beeing Nice to Pollinators

What is an organic garden without the sound of bees buzzing around?   It is not only too quiet, but many fruits and vegetables depend on bees to produce fruit.  No bees, no pollination.   There is some troubling research by the US Department of Agriculture.   In 2009, the USDA data showed a 29 […]

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Themed Nominations Winners – Bees and other Pollinators

And this week’s theme nomination winners are: Nominated by both BrassPaperclip and janssendesigns Mason bee condo from TrilliumArtisans is made of untreated fir posts. Orchard mason bees (osmia lignaria) are early spring pollinators and are especially effective for fruit trees. They are are gentle creatures that your whole garden will love. What a great idea! […]

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Themed Nomination – Bees and other Pollinators

Something  exciting and extraordinary happened in our household this week-end – we received bees for our first two beehives. They arrived late last night and this morning they were already out foraging for pollen and nectar in the dandelions in my garden. Over 90% of the world’s plants rely on insect and animal pollinators for […]

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