{Business Tips} Leveraging the New “About” Page

Super Skivvies

Just over a week ago, Etsy announced a new feature for shop owners – adding an About page.  As soon as I read the blog post, I got excited.  I knew immediately that they had resolved most of the issues sellers struggled with in fully leveraging their avatar and profile. Last year, I wrote two […]

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{Business Tips} Etsy Photography Tips and Techniques

I find the photography in Etsy shops to be one of the most fascinating elements of branding.  The photos are the key to making an artist’s design “speak” to potential buyers.  Yet, the medium itself is an art form.  There are many sellers on Etsy that specialize in photography and have worked for years to […]

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{Business Tips} Etsy Shop Photography – Finding Your Visual “Voice”


There are many elements in your Etsy shop that establish a unique overall shop personality.  However, few items have as much impact on that personality as your product photography.  Photographs come up in search, inspire inclusion in treasuries, cause shoppers to “click through” to your shop, and ultimately demonstrate to a potential buyer that your […]

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{Business Tips} Got Followers? Using Facebook as a Marketing Tool

Organic Hawthorne Berries

Getting Acquainted First let me give a Big Thanks to the owner of the opening photo! They are not a member of Team EcoEtsy but interesting social media pics are somewhat difficult to come by, so thank you Bri at Rotated Designs on Etsy. I’m very excited to be a new member of the EcoEtsy […]

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{Business Tips} Event Displays that Draw Attention

Earnest Efforts Display

Display Envy.  You know it when you see it.  You go to an art fair or festival and there are always a few displays that make you stop and say “Wow”.  These artists always look busy, draw customers in with their inviting design, and you are left wondering how they created their stand-apart display. While […]

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{Business Tips} Your Profile Tells Your Story

Inspire Ring by TheFamiLeeJewels

Once Upon a Time by PeacesofIndigo For many people, talking about themselves is a very difficult.  This makes the blank white canvas of the Etsy profile page a dreaded space for Etsy sellers.  However, the profile is one of the biggest opportunities in your shop.  This is where your true personality can come through and […]

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{Business Tips} Avatar – Simple Image, Complex Decisions

Avatar Chart

The avatar – 125 x 125 – a small square image.  This seemingly simple image has caused many shop owners hours of angst trying to determine what image is “right” for their shop.  The choices are straightforward – a personal photo, a product photo, the shop logo, or some combination of the three.  Yet, the […]

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{Business Tips} Discovering Your Visual Identity

Locket by Polarity

Last week in the Thoughts on Shops post, a quote from Polarity really struck me: “Before you need a banner,  you need an identity and, then, you need a kick-butt banner and kick-butt pictures that reinforce that identity.” That quote led me to think about how we discover and define our shop identities. A strong visual identity is […]

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