{Business Tips} Your Profile Tells Your Story

Inspire Ring by TheFamiLeeJewels

Once Upon a Time by PeacesofIndigo For many people, talking about themselves is a very difficult.  This makes the blank white canvas of the Etsy profile page a dreaded space for Etsy sellers.  However, the profile is one of the biggest opportunities in your shop.  This is where your true personality can come through and [...]

{Business Tips} Avatar – Simple Image, Complex Decisions

Avatar Chart

The avatar – 125 x 125 – a small square image.  This seemingly simple image has caused many shop owners hours of angst trying to determine what image is “right” for their shop.  The choices are straightforward – a personal photo, a product photo, the shop logo, or some combination of the three.  Yet, the [...]

{Business Tips} Discovering Your Visual Identity

Locket by Polarity

Last week in the Thoughts on Shops post, a quote from Polarity really struck me: “Before you need a banner,  you need an identity and, then, you need a kick-butt banner and kick-butt pictures that reinforce that identity.” That quote led me to think about how we discover and define our shop identities. A strong visual identity is [...]