{Business Tips} Carving out a Niche For Our Makings on Etsy (no sharp utensils needed – please step away from that knife)

UnderTheRoot Camisole

We don’t have to worry about the millions of people out there who will not like or want or need our makings, we just have to focus on reaching the people who will love us. Popular doesn’t mean what it used to mean. Everyone can be popular now. Yes, everyone. The cool kids may still […]

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Optimize Your Shop for Etsy Browse


Last October, Etsy changes the way buyers search for items by introducing “Browse.” Now when buyers visit Etsy to find items they are looking for in a more user-friendly manner – for example, if you are looking for gift ideas for this upcoming Valentine’s day, you can click on Gift Ideas or Valentine and then […]

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{Business Tips} When a Rising Tide Lifts all Ships

A couple years ago there was a conversation in the creative community around creative tithing (taking a certain portion of our creative incomes and supporting other artists’ and makers’ creative ventures with it). Maybe with the holiday season approaching it could be a good time to talk about this again. Tithing means giving 1/10th of […]

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{Business Tips} Managing Our Energy Instead of Just Our Time


So, like many of us I set up my business as a one woman show. This was not a conscious decision – I never said, or even thought, “I am just going to do everything!“ I just did one thing- I made something. And then I did another thing – I marketed it. And then I did […]

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{Business Tips} New Etsy Features and Updates for Sellers


On August 31, 2012, Etsy Seller were greeted with a message from Etsy announcing the Etsy Gift Cards, just one of the many new goodies Etsy is rolling out.  When I first wrote about Direct Checkout I anticipated Etsy introducing additional services. So far we have Etsy Shipping Labels, Listing Labels, and now Etsy Gift […]

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