{Business Tips} Managing Our Energy Instead of Just Our Time


So, like many of us I set up my business as a one woman show. This was not a conscious decision – I never said, or even thought, “I am just going to do everything!“ I just did one thing- I made something. And then I did another thing – I marketed it. And then I did [...]

{Business Tips} New Etsy Features and Updates for Sellers


On August 31, 2012, Etsy Seller were greeted with a message from Etsy announcing the Etsy Gift Cards, just one of the many new goodies Etsy is rolling out.  When I first wrote about Direct Checkout I anticipated Etsy introducing additional services. So far we have Etsy Shipping Labels, Listing Labels, and now Etsy Gift [...]

{Business Tips} Content – How to Leverage Yours


Over the last month, I’ve been learning and thinking a lot about content and content strategy – honestly a topic that I haven’t really considered in too much depth before.  In fact, if I did start to venture down the path of  “content strategy” the tasks were typically centered around specific channels.  Asking myself questions [...]

{Business Tips}To Direct Checkout or Not to Direct Checkout That is the Question


Etsy sellers fall into one of the 4 categories of the classic marketing bell curve.  There are Early Adopters (myself included), we are willing to take risks and try new features Etsy rolls out. The  Pragmatists who will only be willing to try new features only if it solves a problem for them.  Then there are the Conservatives [...]

{Business Tips} What’s the Deal with Promoted Posts?

Promoted Posts on Facebook

Over the past few weeks there has been a lot of buzz over the new Promoted Posts feature for Facebook Fan Pages. I haven’t seen these many feathers ruffled up since Etsy introduced Relevancy vs. Recency. In the EcoEtsy team forum, several team members have been posting about this change. The general consensus is that Facebook [...]