{Business Tips} Business Plan of Attack

Back in January, Lori of Drinks to Design, wrote a great post, 2011 – Look Back & Plan Forward.  It is now April {can you believe it?} and if you haven’t already, you should take some time to devise a plan of attack.  There are lot of people out that that will stress the importance of having […]

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{Business Tips} 4 Simple-Yet-Effective Tips for Running Successful Facebook Ads

I’ve toyed around with Facebook Ads but not enough to offer any ground-breaking advice. However, our own Kelly Engel of Growing Up Wild shared some simple-yet-effective tips to help us get up and running with Facebook Ads. Running Effective Facebook Ads I paid for about $230 in facebook ads last year.  For me they were a great […]

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{Business Tips} Etsy Introduces Direct Checkout

On February 7th, Etsy announced that they will be rolling out a new Direct Checkout feature over the next few months.  At present, Etsy shop owners have been able to accept major credit cards payments for shop orders only through the use of PayPal. If you noticed the announcement in your shop and watched the video, you […]

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{Business Tips} Getting Ready for the Tax Man!

It’s that special time of year once again – Tax Season.  I have spent most of the weekend and week getting my paperwork in order, but thanks to technology this task seems to be getting easier and easier every year.  I can’t give you any great tax advice, but I can give you some helpful […]

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{Business Tips} Functional Business Cards

I tend to be a bit anti-business card. I have boxes of old business cards from my previous jobs and former businesses I’ve owned. A few years ago I vowed I would never, ever  use business cards again.  So in December 2011, as I was preparing for the 3rd Ward Handmade Holiday Craft Fair, I […]

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{Business Tips} 9 Days ‘Til Christmas

The Christmas holiday countdown is in full force.  Many shipping deadlines have pasted and orders may still be coming in from people who are hoping to get those last minute gifts.  This is a time to really go local.  You can use some great tips used by many direct marketers to pick up a few […]

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{Business Tips} Holiday Shipping Deadlines: Get It There in Time

The holiday shopping season is in full force! You can help reduce your shopper’s holiday anxiety and your own by posting critical HOLIDAY SHIPPING CUT-OFF DATES in your shop. Your holiday shipping cut-off dates are the dates by which customers must order certain items in order to get them in time for Christmas.

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{Business Tips} Lessons from the Summit of Awesome: How to Get Publicity

  This post is offered by our very own Mary Kearns of Herban Lifestyle.  Mary attended the Summit of Awesome hosted by Hello Craft, where she attended some great workshops. Today, Mary shares with us the great things she learned from the workshops she attended.   Lessons from the Summit of Awesome: How to Get […]

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{Business Tips} Get Local with Holiday Craft Fairs (bonus Recycled Newspaper ToteTutorial)

Can you believe that Christmas is only 7 weeks away? Let me repeat – CHRISTMAS IN ONLY 7 WEEKS AWAY! Now that I’ve planted the seed and a sense of urgency into your brain {as if you weren’t already stressing over it}, let’s talk Holiday Craft Fairs.  Craft Fairs are a great way to gain […]

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