{Business Tips} Etsy Search Ads

Anchor Bottle Cap by Pir8t Back at the beginning of July Etsy introduced the “Sort by Revelancy” option.  Lori of OneShadeGreener helped demystify the whole Relevancy vs. Recency deal.  According to a post written on the Etsy blog by  Natalie Schwartz, “Even when viewing search results sorted by relevancy, recency of the item matters, especially […]

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{Business Tips} Growing Beyond Etsy

“Step Outside Your Etsy Comfort Zone” “Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone.“ Robert Allen co-author of The One Minute Millionaire Esty is a great platform in which to start a business.  When you decided to open your shop on Etsy, you instantly gained access to millions of potential buyers and tremendous marketing […]

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{Business Tips} Decoding Your Etsy Shop Stats

Last week we wrapped up our Etsy SEO post series with a post on one of Etsy’s most recent and talked about change – the move from Recency to Relevancy when it comes to searches. In the whole Etsy revamp, you may have noticed the NEW Shop Stats link found under the Orders section of […]

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{Business Tips}Climbing the Etsy Ladder of Success

This {Business Tips} article comes to us from Laura Skelton at Prix Prix. Her upcycled and repurposed Etsy Listings are proof that her {Business Tips} will produce results. PrixPrix is a wonderful example of how business life beyond etsy can be a really great thing! Make sure to check out her website and stop by her […]

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{Business Tips} Blogvertising with Project Wonderful

Today I am going to introduce you to Project Wonderful, a blogvertising site that kicks butt.  In past posts I’ve offered some awesome tips, which included a blurb about Project Wonderful, but today I’ll expand on the topic.  If you’ve never heard of Project Wonderful let me share some of the awesome features it boasts,  […]

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{Business Tips} Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Handmade

The 4th of July or Independence Day, has been a day of celebration and revolution since the 18th century. Over time, the importance of the event has been strengthened by community events, barbecue gatherings and glorious displays of fireworks. I say strengthened, rather than weakened because all of these things have become American symbols of […]

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{Business Tips} from Oprah

I am not a person who can claim that they have watched all 4,561 amazing episodes of The Oprah Winfrey Show, nor would I ever attempt it at this point. However, the last episode of this American syndicated talk show had me scrambling for a pen; afraid I might miss her little pearls of wisdom. The woman is a […]

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{Business Tips} Top 5 Gadgets You Need for Your Business

I’m obsessed with new technology, a little vice that has helped me discover some great gadgets that could help you run your business more efficiently and look “cool” while doing so. Here are my top ____ gadgets that could make a difference in your business

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{Business Tips} Got Followers? Using Facebook as a Marketing Tool

Getting Acquainted First let me give a Big Thanks to the owner of the opening photo! They are not a member of Team EcoEtsy but interesting social media pics are somewhat difficult to come by, so thank you Bri at Rotated Designs on Etsy. I’m very excited to be a new member of the EcoEtsy […]

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