{Business Tips} Your Profile Tells Your Story

Inspire Ring by TheFamiLeeJewels

Once Upon a Time by PeacesofIndigo For many people, talking about themselves is a very difficult.  This makes the blank white canvas of the Etsy profile page a dreaded space for Etsy sellers.  However, the profile is one of the biggest opportunities in your shop.  This is where your true personality can come through and […]

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{Business Tips} Business or Hobby?

This topic has always intrigued me.  As you all may already have figured out, I’m the shop owner of Herban|Luxe on Etsy, where I offer handmade makeup products which are created using formulas I developed. I have been creating my products for over 10 years now – but here’s the funny thing – when I […]

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{thoughts on shops} eyeing the 5seed shop


  Hi nicies! I’m so excited to be here, sharing the April {Thoughts on Shops}. As we all know, there are so many important elements to crafting a fabulous business. Each week we’ll look at a few ideas that help to make our indie business shops as great as they can be! Today we’re visiting […]

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{Business Tips} Discovering Your Visual Identity

Locket by Polarity

Last week in the Thoughts on Shops post, a quote from Polarity really struck me: “Before you need a banner,  you need an identity and, then, you need a kick-butt banner and kick-butt pictures that reinforce that identity.” That quote led me to think about how we discover and define our shop identities. A strong visual identity is […]

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Going Up? The Elevator Pitch

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to figure out how to apply many of the lessons presented at the Etsy success symposium. There was a lot of great information, but one thing that I found myself coming back to again and again was one of the simplest: The 30 second “elevator pitch” […]

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Keeping It All Organized

Keeping track of inventory, budgeting and supplies in a “normal” business are important steps but never easy, but when you factor in a lot of reclaimed, recycled and one of a kind parts, it can turn into a real mess with a quickness. Since January tends to bring with it resolutions of getting organized, I […]

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Business Tips: Trademarks & Copyrights

copyright, registered trademark & trademark symbols

A copyright provides protection for your creation.

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Goals for the New Year

Toddler Upcycled Chalk Board Table and School Chair by Vintage Renewal

Before I get too far into this, I’d like to apologize for going off-format a little with this post, I hope you guys will bear with me… Somewhere back in grade school, a teacher of mine made the bold claim that there were no stupid questions. I remember she said that if one of us […]

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Business Tips: Business Insurance


In my last blog post I shared with you some tips on Pricing and shared a nifty pricing calculator. But, there is more to business than pricing your products. As crafters and artists who have started businesses selling our creations, we focus all our energy on our creations.  Dealing with the business end of things […]

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