Last Minute Gift Ideas?

December 5th and I have not started Holiday shopping yet. Crazy, I know. I don’t even have many great ideas so today I decided I better start looking. This year I pledged to do as much gift giving as possible with eco-friendly, handmade and/or local gifts. Under$10 My daughter would love to receive these grey zipper earrings by AnnyMay […]

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Business Tips: Giving Back

With the launch of the team giveaway this week, we”re officially into the holiday season of giving. Participating in a program like this is really a win-win situation for everyone, especially for those of us who often want to help those around us but don”t always have extra money. For your customer, knowing you”re contributing […]

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Aligning business with charity

The decision to donate money to charitable causes is a personal one.  But the decision to donate a portion of the proceeds of your shop can run the range of emotions from feeling honor and pride at helping a deserving cause to shame at promoting it as some consider it distasteful to mention these things. […]

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