{EcoEtsy Finds} Time for Tea and Coffee

Repurposed Burlap Coffee Bag. Mauigrown Hobo Handbag and Purse. Handmade in Hawaii. Made To Order by ManilaExtract I love the sweet scent of a fall morning, the crisp air in the morning and stepping out to the hint of frost just around the corner.  It’s my favorite time of year to sip away at a […]

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Eco Tip of the Week: What to do with used coffee grounds

  Eco Tip Submitted By Ecokaren Are you drinking vats of coffee like it’s going out of style? (Oh, read this cool tutorial on how to make reusable coffee filters) What are you doing with all that used coffee grounds? I bet you are just composting or throwing (gulp!) them away. Well, here ares some […]

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Themed Nomination Winner: Coffee

Yea, Coffee!! Thanks to everyone who sent in nominations for this week’s theme. A special thanks to BrassPaperclip who sent in six suggestions, including the winner molecularmuse‘s Caffeine Necklace pictured above. MaryZoom and I both agree that rikrak‘s shop is pretty awesome and deserves an honorable mention with the Vintage Recycled Fabric Quilt Coasters pictured […]

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Themed Nominations: Coffee

I love coffee, or as we say in France, le café. It’s what gets me out of the bed on those days when I can’t seem to shake that morning fog. My favorite is Café Viennois. An awesome concoction of espresso, milk, chocolate and fresh whipped cream. Ahh, heaven. Perhaps, I should just hang one […]

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