Featured Member: Glue and Glitter

Glue and Glitter How did you get started in your chosen craft? I actually got started making jewelry, and then back in 2005 a friend taught me how to sew. It was like something clicked, and suddenly all I wanted to do was sew! I haven’t looked back. How do you make your craft or […]

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Featured Member: Picky

Picky and Elsjeboer How did you get started in your chosen craft? The egg of my creativity and resourcefulness for reconstructing clothing and creating items from found objects has been an intrinsic part of me as long as I can remember.  The children’s clothing aspect of this specifically came about with the birth of my […]

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Recipe for Eating Green

Yummy eco-friendly breakfast

We eat a lot of leftovers at our house.  I frequently make “dump dinners” where I take the bits and pieces of a few days’ leftovers and cook them together in a new and sometimes delicious dish.  I hate throwing away food but despite my best efforts it still happens occasionally.  Unni, of  strandredesign has […]

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Featured Member – Pierogi Picnic


Pierogi Picnic Pierogi Picnic is an upcycled line of eco-friendly clothing and accessories that blends an urban edge with vintage charm. Assembled in the home studio of artist and activist Lydia Krupinski, this line of fun fresh products inspires the average fashion fiend to go beyond commercial consumption and buy green handmade goods. We caught […]

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Product Spotlight: The Solar Jar

Coming from Vancouver, I know first-hand what long winter nights and endlessly grey skies can do to your spirits. At first you don’t notice the longer bouts of sluggishness, but it can snowball pretty quick! That’s why I love this Solar Jar by EasyBeingGreen. No guarantees that it’ll counteract seasonal affective disorder, of course, but […]

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