Eco-Wrap Your Holiday

The holiday season has officially arrived.  Time for family, friends and food.  And Tradition.  Most families have many holiday traditions that define the holidays for them.   Some holidays wouldn’t be the same without Grandma’s stuffing and Aunt Carol’s decorated sugar cookies.    Others would be hollow without certain decorations and activities. While traditions are the stuff […]

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How to be a Conspicuous Consumer

The election ads are over.  Hallelujah!  I hope your candidate(s) won. This year (lack of) finances has put me in the lair of the Conspicuous Consumer.  I have taken a seasonal job as a Sales Associate at a major department store.  I have never worked anywhere except in offices, so this is a major learning […]

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Chilly weather tips

Dawanna Young of Peacesofindigo shared this great timely eco-tips and I am adding some great items by fellow Eco Etsy members. The first frost is expected here any night now so thank you, Dawanna. News flash~ people are still unemployed, money is tight and we are all looking for ways to save money.  With the […]

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Eco-Tips for Fall

Winter is getting closer and closer and with it are several things we can do to be a little greener. Some reminders for fall: Cooler temperatures mean that your tire pressure will be lower in the cooler mornings. Save your tires and some gas by making sure your tire pressure is correct for your car. […]

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Caution: Food Additives May Be to Blame!

When my son was a toddler I became very concerned about his nearly constant “crankiness” and about how much he would swell with even the most gentle of bumps. I could scratch a word on his forearm and the word would appear, swollen, on his arm and last for hours. Bumps on the head looked […]

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Eco Car Tips for Tree Huggers

I love Saturdays on NPR (National Public Radio)!  I’m a regular listener to so many of their Saturday shows including Car Talk. If you’ve never listened to Tom and Ray answer callers’ questions about car problems I highly recommend that you tune in some Saturday (10:00 A.M. on our local stations) and hear what you’ve […]

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Affluenza: A Major Assault on the Environment

I happened on this quiz while searching for an eco-tip for today. It made me think about consumption and exactly why we, at our home, have reduced our consumption drastically over the past several years.  Are you suffering from “Affluenza”?  From 1. Which of the following is comparable to the size of a typical […]

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Have an Eco-Friendly Halloween

Now that fall has officially arrived, thoughts turn to Halloween.  It is said to be one of the 3 biggest holidays of the year for retailers.   A lot of flimsy decorations, individually wrapped candies and costumes destined to be worn only once, are proliferating in stores across America.  Dare to be different. This hat made […]

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Preserve without Canning

Since humans were hunter/gatherers, autumn has been harvest time.    In keeping with Ecoetsians’ choices to reduce our impact on Mother Earth, I’m sure many of you are frantically canning, drying, freezing and preserving before nature dies down for the winter. Some people find canning too scary, overwhelming, and/or time consuming.    Here are a couple of recipes to get […]

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