STOP! Don’t Throw It Away!

Most of us are aware of the perils of consumerism and have made conscious decisions to buy used or not buy at all. We frequent our thrift stores and garage sales and use sites like Etsy (Eco Etsy, that is) to find goods made from “trash”. We use Freecycle, Craigslist and Ebay to find items […]

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Beautiful Hemp

Sewn Natural presents her praises of hemp: Hemp is absolutely fabulous. As a fiber and fabric, it has moved well out of its earlier phase of use in slightly scratchy, not-very-glamorous granola wear. It’s everywhere now, and it’s durable, beautifully eco-friendly and very pretty. We are also only at the forefront of learning about how […]

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How to Make a Disposable Razor Last Longer

In a perfect world perhaps no one would ever have to shave. For those of us who do shave, the following is a tip from Winkydinks that will make our razors last longer.  I can’t wait to try this. I don’t use disposable razors but I use replaceable razor blades and this should work on […]

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StashBuster Potholders

Lorigami,  www.Lorigami.etsy .com has generously given Ecoetsy a tutorial from her blog.  I remember making pot holders in Girl Scouts that were similar to these.  So thanks again to Lorigami.  Here’s her tutorial. Y’all may recall the big Michigan House-clean-out project from last spring after my Uncle passed away? Well, one of the things I […]

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Freecycle-More Than Just a Place to Recycle

Founded on May 1, 1993 by Deron Beal Freecycle has grown from a single location in Tuscon, Arizona to an international organization having chapters in 85 countries.  Whether you’re in need of  something or having something you need to get rid of that’s just too good for the landfill, Freecycle has a few guidelines in […]

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{Eco Tips} Tradeaholics

There is one activity on Etsy that I find has saved me a lot of money, and gotten me some exposure that I don’t think I would have had otherwise. I am a member of the Tradeaholics team. I have been to the Ecoetsy traders site, so I know some of you trade as well. […]

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Greening ‘Brown’ Bag Lunches

I have been going gradually greener since the first Earth Day. I was engaged in college to an Environmental Engineering student. I learned from him a lot about pollution and efforts to stop it. I am proud to say that he is an EE at the Calif. air board. We’re friends, but we didn’t get married. […]

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Hi! I’m Linda Miles and my EcoEtsy shop is Fashion Green T Bags . I am very pleased to be able to bring you eco tips and tutorials for our blog. I’ve been eco-conscious since I was in the seventh grade and my teacher, Mrs. Truax (or Truex…I can’t remember) taught us to care. I’d […]

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Eco-Tip: The Good Guide App

Eco-Tip Submitted by: KnitStorm The Good Guide App Here’s an easy way for smart phone owners to shop responsibly: The Good Guide app. This app allows you to scan a product’s bar code in order to determine how healthy it is for you and your family, how environmentally friendly the company that produces the product […]

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