How to Make Your Own Nighttime Pull-Ups or Training Pants {Eco-Tutorial}

This tutorial was provided by Tiffany of Picnic Basket Crafts.  She’s very cleverly figured out how to make pull-ups or training pants.  I wish I had had this tutorial when my children were young. I don’t believe my 24 and 21 year-olds would appreciate them these days. MAYBE one day they will make them for […]

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{Eco Tutorials} Recycle It! Things To Do With Egg Cartons

Back in early January, Karen of EcoKaren challenged her readers to one-month of de-cluttering, something she called the De-clutter 2012 Challenge.  Being the encourage-able person that I am, I took on the challenge.  However, after signing on I felt a pang of pain in my chest as I looked around my house and realized that my studio had […]

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{Eco-Tutorials} DIY Scratch-off Tickets

Scratch-off_heart template

Have you ever wanted to offer discount codes in a fun way? Or needed a cool promotion for your event booth? Scratch-off ticket may be the answer. Scratch-off tickets can be a highly effective promotional tool for your shop and they are so easy to make.  I’ve ran a little experiment during a recent event by […]

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Eco Friendly Christmas Decorations by EcoBites


Potted Christmas Tree and Popcorn Garland by Herban Lifestyle There are lots of ideas to help reduce some of the holiday waste and turn scraps into works of fabulousness. With just a few days left before Christmas, try these eco-friendly ideas to add to your holiday cheer and to decorate for the Christmas holiday, courtesy of […]

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{Eco-Tutorials} Sunflower Seed Butter

After finding out many of my allergies were common, I had to figure out other ways to enjoy my favorite foods by substituting. I love peanut butter and jelly, I mean who doesn’t? Since I’m allergic to tree nuts and peanuts as many are I had to find an alternative spread to pair with my […]

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{Eco-Tutorial} Oven Roasted Veggies

I know there’s no enticing photo this week, but I promise one next week. This recipe has actually become my mom’s favorite way to eat veggies especially broccoli. Ingredients: your favorite veggies (can be frozen or thawed) sea salt pepper garlic powder oil (I use sunflower) Preparation: Cut veggies in bite size pieces and arrange […]

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How to Make Wine Cork Christmas Trees

My daughter just recently began her part-time job at Jo-Ann Fabrics and was aghast to see that the Christmas items were already being prominently displayed in the store. Upon inquiry, she was informed that the reason for the early displays (It was, after all, the beginning of September.) was to ensure that crafters would have […]

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