Going Up? The Elevator Pitch

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to figure out how to apply many of the lessons presented at the Etsy success symposium. There was a lot of great information, but one thing that I found myself coming back to again and again was one of the simplest: The 30 second “elevator pitch” […]

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In Pictures – The EcoEtsy Team Flickr Group

A glimpse into the behind-the-scenes, the ingredients, the process behind some of our EcoEtsy team members, as found in our Flickr group.  We may be known for what we create, but isn’t it interesting to get a glimpse at the people behind the products?  Check out more interesting photos in the Flickr group pool. 1. […]

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In Pictures – The EcoEtsy Flickr Group

Winter still has a grip over much of the northern hemisphere but I’m noticing a lightness in the images I’ve found this week in our EcoEtsy Team Flickr group.  Can spring be far behind?   1. thread spool necklace, 2. Untitled, 3. 4 Ocean Sea Shells and Star Fish Up-Cycled Bottle Cap Magnets with Brown Organza […]

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In Pictures – The EcoEtsy Flickr Group

Baby, you wear it well.  These eco-fantastic wearables by our EcoEtsy  team that is… proving you can look good and be good to our earth at the same time.  What a delight to find these in our Official EcoEtsy Team Flickr Group this week.  There’s more amazing work to be seen, so stop by the pool […]

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Tuesday Treasury: Karen Meyers

‘Bring it Full Circle’ is the title of this week’s winning treasury. Curated by Karen Meyers, this collection from the shops of EcoEtsy members is cleverly arranged with a sophisticated yet playful interaction between each item. Honorable Mentions also go to the following treasuries: She always wanted to be a Cowgirl, a very fun and […]

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In Pictures – The EcoEtsy Flickr Group

This time of year it’s nearly impossible not to see hearts.  Valentine’s Day is swiftly approaching and what a perfect time to express your love…of the planet.  In a sea of plastic-wrapped candies and mass-produced cards, isn’t it nice to see some “green” options instead?  Each of these images were found in the Team EcoEtsy’s Official Flickr […]

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In Pictures – The EcoEtsy Team Flickr Group

I just love looking through the EcoEtsy Team Flickr Group, Inever know what’s going to pop up there, but I always know it’s going to be wonderful.  This week is no exception.   Here we see some amazing examples of upcycled, recycled, and sustainable design at its finest.  Bags? check!  Home decor?  check!  Beauty products? check!  It’s so […]

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In Pictures – The EcoEtsy Team Flickr Group

A peek into the Official EcoEtsy Flickr group has revealed a world of color.    Here we see some wonderful handmade pieces in blue and red, but this is just a sampling of what our members have been sharing.  Stop by the Flickr pool to have a look at more lovely images from our talented crew. […]

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Featured Member: Zosimos Botanicals

Zosimos Botanicals What are you currently working on? I always have new products, shades or scents. Right now the next products to launch are an Unscented Foaming Face Wash, a matte red lipstick and Lime Shimmer and Lilac Shimmer eye shadows. Since it’s the holidays, we also created several new gift items, including a little […]

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