green green gah gah: day one

Green living must be tough when you’re a new parent. Heck, survival must be tough when you’re a new parent! So, this week, we’re going to help you out by doing a series on green products for the baby! Think organic clothes, skin- and earth-sensitive soaps, swings, and toys. Today’s feature is cloth diapers. Yes, […]

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Portland, I’m yours

I think there must be something in the water in Portland, Oregan. Maybe it’s extra-filtered by all those coastline sand dunes? I have no idea. All I know is there are some great Portland-based etsians out there — many of whom you can find, by the way, by doing an etsy search for pdx — […]

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The paper towel must die!

I recently posted about handkerchiefs on etsy. I understand they may be a bit of a leap for some people — can you say hayfever? — but surely nobody can argue for the necessity of the paper towel. I’m right, aren’t I? No one needs paper towels for anything! Nothing! There is nothing that can’t […]

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i love vinyl

… repurposed: Warped Wall Pocket by RetiredRecords, $12. Black Vinyl Choker also by RetiredRecords, $10. Basic Black Roman Record Cuff by EyePopArt, $12. Groovy Black Vinyl Lapel Pin by GroovyVinyl, $9. 8 total views, 2 views today

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Product Spotlight: Rewrite Mini Notebooks

Just because I’m trying to be environmentally-conscious doesn’t mean I don’t like pretty things. I love pretty things. But a clean world is pretty too, right? That’s a rather circular way of introducing you to these fantastic little notebooks by remake, a San Francisco-based shop that makes notebooks and the most beautiful, dainty little labels, […]

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