Etsy SEO: The Ultimate Guide to Ranking High and Being Found

Here at EcoEsty we’ve written a plethora of posts to help you improve your Etsy shop and over time it has become clear that we all seem to struggle with one similar task – Etsy SEO.  Over the years, I’ve learned a few tricks that I’ve which have helped me tweak my shop and increase my […]

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{Business Tips} Etsy SEO: Linking to Your Shop’s Success

This is my second post in the Etsy SEO series. In my first post I walked you through the most important element of SEO: Keywords. I hope that you’ve had time to read the post and incorporate the use of keywords in your shop. Today, I’ll be shedding some light on the the role that LINKS play in the whole SEO deal.

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{Business Tips} Etsy SEO: Use Keywords to Improve Your Shop’s Traffic

Lately we have been offering some great tips on Blogvertising, Advertising on Facebook, and Using Facebook as a Marketing Tool. But, I think it’s time we turn our attention to a different way of getting traffic to your shop.  It’s time to talk about Etsy Search Engine Optimization.  Since this a loaded topic, I’ll be […]

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