{Tuesday Treasury} Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas by Omnatura

  So many pretty team treasuries this week!  I love the diversity of amazing art on this team.  This week’s featured treasury is Ecofriendly Spring Gift Ideas by Omnatura.  This moonstone necklace is is one of her wonderful offerings. For a fabulous bit of color, be sure to view Primary by elsjeboer and   for […]

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Tuesday Treasury: Under the Root

The woman who fell to earth and landed in a fairytale

‘The Woman who fell to Earth and landed in a Fairytale’ is the title of the winning treasury of our new weekly feature: Tuesday Treasury. The curator Under the Root presented this brilliant treasury with the following poem: “the world is growing with every breathe, trees are shaking, clouds never regret. all these finds are […]

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Etsy Resources, Part 4: Etsy Apps

etsy apps

In case you haven’t noticed from the myriad of posts that I’ve written over the past couple of months, there are a LOT of incredible resources available to sellers on Etsy.  To recap so far, we covered: Part 1: Alchemy & the Forums Part 2: Pounce, Etsy Emails/Newsletters & The Storque Blog Part 3: Treasuries […]

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Business Tips: Business Insurance


In my last blog post I shared with you some tips on Pricing and shared a nifty pricing calculator. But, there is more to business than pricing your products. As crafters and artists who have started businesses selling our creations, we focus all our energy on our creations.  Dealing with the business end of things […]

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Business Tips: Pricing for Profit


Pricing is one of the things that many small retailers struggle with. Today my mission is to help you change your thoughts about the way you set your product prices and hopefully get you thinking in terms of “Pricing for Profit”. I mean, let’s face it, you didn’t open your Etsy shop to give your […]

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Setting Up a Shop Page on Your Blog

If you have more than one shop, displaying your shops on your blog or hosted site can help show off your shops and bring them traffic. Having a centralized page for all of them really looks professional. I’ll show you how to do this for Blogger and for a self hosted WordPress blog (not WordPress.com […]

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Guest post: Using “Redirect” to Make Your Website a Hub for Your Shop

etsy.com - no www or http://

Today’s post is by Amy, the Team Graphics Designer of EcoEtsy. She is the owner of Ojami on Etsy where she creates altered Bento Boxes and sells Sashiko (Japanese running stitch embroidery) supplies. You can contact her through her shop, blog, Facebook, or Twitter. Many Etsy shop owners have multiple Etsy shops or shops on […]

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The Uniform Project

Sheena Etsy

A good friend  recently sent me an urgent e-mail about  The Uniform Project  saying; “you have got to check out this website and this project, this girl is really talented, you will love it!”  So I did, I went to the website, I read all about Sheena and her project, watched the video and was […]

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The Storque Article

I submitted an article to the Storuqe about the Tree Huggin photo contest. They just posted it today. Click here to view the article. I’m so excited about this and I hope it brings lots of photos to the Flickr pool for judging. Remember, if you are a member of the team and want to […]

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